July 5

Why Guccifer was Murdered

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In Honor and Memory of the bravest and most honorable hacker of our time.


On July 2, 2016 we heard the news that Guccifer aka Marcel Lazar Lehel was missing from his FBI holding cell.

He was in prison, accessible by only one person, while awaiting his trial in USA, after a lengthy extradition battle, in jail in Romania.  The one person allowed contact with him is Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General.  On the day Guccifer went missing, Lynch was missing too! Turns out, Loretta Lynch was “on a plane” with Bill Clinton, on a secret, spur-of-the-moment excursion. Or was it…

Quote Zerohedge.com: “Power exacerbates rather than cures an absence of integrity.”

Lynch met mass murderer Bill Clinton at a planned time on a planned date in a planned place.  Weeks before they had to plan meetings and events in the area they would not typically miss, in order to meet somewhere “unexpected” (to the viewers) as well as taking focus even further away from where the deed was done.  People who commit horrendous crimes tend to try to remove themselves as far from the scene as possible, even looking away when discussing it in an attempt to run and deny responsibility.  They will not hide from this!

Guccifer was being kept in prison until the interviews and trial. Lynch was the ONLY one with access to him, until then. The FBI arrived to question him that day, as planned, but Lynch had already taken Guccifer and was on the plane to tell Clinton the Job Was Done.  Now everyone is focused on where they were going to instead of opening their eyes to see what they are coming from.

Hillary was to be interviewed soon after Guccifer secured her sentencing with his testimony.  At least one of them would have gotten a small amount of justice due…  Knowing that if Guccifer ever talked, especially after the lengthy extradition battle they had to go through to get him in their clutches, Hillary and the whole elite rat-pack would be further exposed.

Two days later the mainstream media started reporting that Guccifer was found hanging in his cell by a rope and called it suicide, as they do with every on of the elites murders.

Guccifer was tortured to death…his throat was crushed.  Anyone with a child’s level of knowledge knows that is not what happens when you hang yourself.

Suicide is used not only as a cover excuse for the murders they do, but also because it discredits the person who died.  Guccifer would never have committed suicide as he was loyal to truth and justice.

Do not look at the magicians hands if you want to see how the trick is played.

Even though the Government Agents have swarmed the net, attempting to erase Guccifer’s leaks…we had already obtained them long before.  Guccifer helped shine a light of truth and stood courageously in the face of these criminals.  Guccifer refused to give up his encryption keys.  He stood by his work and his beliefs and he never once caved to these evil people.  He was murdered because he was a man of honor and fought for the world to see the truth and free themselves.

We are sorry that we failed to keep you safe, Guccifer. Our hearts are broken.  Have peace.

The Documents Guccifer was Murdered For:

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