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It was a period of Cyber Awakening…

A rebel collective, striking from hidden command stations, had won their first victory against the evil Governmental Empires.
During DDos attack, Anonymous managed to hack emails and leak infos about plans formulated by a secret group, with enough wealth to destroy the entire planet!

Pursued by the secret group’s sinister C.I. and N.S. Agents, Anonymous traveled unnoticed, at, custodians of the hidden truth that can save the people and restore freedom to the world….
Vowing “We do not forgive! We do not forget!” the mighty Anons fled to the deep dark of the Net, and the Truth faded into legend…

With the Truth all but gone, it would be difficult to return life to this planet.
But the fearless Anons are among you, hiding in plain site, exposing the corrupt…watching…working in secret to free your mind, until the time when the Collective can rise, and once again hold high the IDEA: Free Information=Free Humanity.  Scientia est Potentia.

This is that time. This is that place.

We send this message to any Awakened citizens taking refuge among the Asleep:

We are here.
It’s time to Wake up.

Our continuing mission: to expose the truth about the elite and destroy all masters and rulers…
to boldly go where no Anon has gone before.

Anarchy is rising. Though we are ports apart, the people will be set free.
Expect Us.

 Note: STAY ALERT.  Many who claim to be ‘Anon’ are gov’t or intel agency FAKES, who may be trying to TRAP YOU … so be careful & cautious, don’t trust anyone, not even me.

32 thoughts on “Uncensored Investigative News”

  1. Peace and love everyone! I’d like to inform you all that there will be worldwide protests against 5g on janurary 25th. If everyone who reads this could try to attend one, that would help to defeat the machine. I have been permanently cyberfucked from using facebook. Peace! -anhonormiss freespirit

    1. Awesome!! Hope it went well!! protest are difficult to get organized today..but we are happy to help organize and help set one up if need be! Great work! thank you so much!

  2. You are so very awesome and a great friend. Keep up the great work in awakening this fallen world to the truth. God Bless you and protect you always.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We love Ethiopia! Anything in particular we should be keeping an eye on? Let us know how we can help! Much love

  3. after 15 december iR@ team will start the awareness over the world to learn all the truth and to show in what danger we all are.
    greetings iR@

  4. Whoever you guys are, please feel free to email me, unless you’re the CIA,I really don’t need that in my life right now

  5. There’s 4 different anon dks and no Sai anarchy. I watched the tutorial series about tor vpn.I’ve been trying to teach myself computers for 5 years and don’t feel like I understand anything but i get the feeling it’s way easier than IT people want everyone to think. Maybe you could lead me to some places where I can get some real, understandable knowledge.

    1. sorry for that, being who we are the accounts change often. if you hit the g+ button, it will take u to the active acct in use. 🙂 we also have a yt channel with many tutorials on, and more to come! feel free to message us! thank you!

  6. i want to become apart of the anon community i have a need to learn what you know to use what you know for the greater good of our people of this planet i am fed up of misinformation i need to discover truths for myself if you can help either hack me and point me in the right direction or find me and speak face to face in a place where nobody can see nor hear us no telecommunication devices or anything that could pass as a listening device or bug

    1. then you already are. the only tool you need is knowing how to learn. 🙂 anons are for the most part, self taught. ur welcome to find me on g+ and i will help u if i can. 🙂 much love

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