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这个匿名集体的调查研究人员使用计算机技能,批判性分析和革命性意识给你带来的消息,没有其他人会写。 在这里,主中心,您可以阅读有关我们内容创建者各种博客的简要介绍页面,以及访问信息网络的其他部分!



访问无政府状态的博客 EL,在这里。

如果你错过了匿名的原始平台,那么你很幸运! 我们刚刚创建了一个匿名留言板!

加入我们的 AonBook!!



随着我们的工作继续进行,请定期办理入住手续! 网站的所有新部分和更改都将添加到主集线器。

如果你有技能,欢迎你访问我们的 IRC。



在 DDoS 攻击期间,匿名设法破解电子邮件和泄漏有关由秘密组织制定的计划的信息,有足够的财富摧毁整个星球!

由秘密组织的邪恶的 C.I. 和 N.S. 特工追求, 匿名旅行被忽视, 在, 隐藏的真相的守护者,可以拯救人民和恢复自由的世界...

发誓:“我们不原谅! 我们不要忘记!” 强大的阿农斯逃到了深深的黑暗的网络,真相褪色成了传说...


但是无畏的阿诺斯在你们中间,躲在平原的地方,揭露腐败... 看着... 秘密工作以释放你的心灵,直到集体能够崛起的时候,再次高举 IDEA:自由信息 = 自由人类。 科学研究所东波尔蒂亚。

现在就是那个时候了 这就是那个地方






无政府状态正在上升。 虽然我们是分开的港口,但人们将被释放。



注意:保持警惕。 多达一半的声称 'Anon' 的东西,你看到的是 govto 或英特尔机构 FAKE,谁可能试图陷阱你... 所以要小心谨慎,不要相信任何人太快,甚至不是我。

32 thoughts on “ 未经审查的调查新闻”

  1. Peace and love everyone! I’d like to inform you all that there will be worldwide protests against 5g on janurary 25th. If everyone who reads this could try to attend one, that would help to defeat the machine. I have been permanently cyberfucked from using facebook. Peace! -anhonormiss freespirit

    1. Awesome!! Hope it went well!! protest are difficult to get organized today..but we are happy to help organize and help set one up if need be! Great work! thank you so much!

  2. You are so very awesome and a great friend. Keep up the great work in awakening this fallen world to the truth. God Bless you and protect you always.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We love Ethiopia! Anything in particular we should be keeping an eye on? Let us know how we can help! Much love

  3. after 15 december iR@ team will start the awareness over the world to learn all the truth and to show in what danger we all are.
    greetings iR@

  4. Whoever you guys are, please feel free to email me, unless you’re the CIA,I really don’t need that in my life right now

  5. There’s 4 different anon dks and no Sai anarchy. I watched the tutorial series about tor vpn.I’ve been trying to teach myself computers for 5 years and don’t feel like I understand anything but i get the feeling it’s way easier than IT people want everyone to think. Maybe you could lead me to some places where I can get some real, understandable knowledge.

    1. sorry for that, being who we are the accounts change often. if you hit the g+ button, it will take u to the active acct in use. 🙂 we also have a yt channel with many tutorials on, and more to come! feel free to message us! thank you!

  6. i want to become apart of the anon community i have a need to learn what you know to use what you know for the greater good of our people of this planet i am fed up of misinformation i need to discover truths for myself if you can help either hack me and point me in the right direction or find me and speak face to face in a place where nobody can see nor hear us no telecommunication devices or anything that could pass as a listening device or bug

    1. then you already are. the only tool you need is knowing how to learn. 🙂 anons are for the most part, self taught. ur welcome to find me on g+ and i will help u if i can. 🙂 much love

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