March 5

AnonOps, AnonHQ and Officially FED Marches Exposed

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The Million Mask March has been infiltrated. John Fairhurst has worked for the government to divide Anonymous from within as well as use it for profit. Since 2012 he has been well known for his psyop The Occupy Movement. We all know Anon Ops and Anon HQ and the like are government websites. Black Lives Matter has already been exposed. We have exposed many like Courage Foundation previously.  Please continue as the expose is ongoing.   The elite are always planning one step ahead of us. We must stop being behind. We know that November the 5th this year is going to be a psyop. There will be infiltrators just like all other protests. They will infiltrate using Anonymous’ image, Anonymous’ name and they will create violence which will discredit Anonymous entirely.  We are exposing these jokers and will continue to, until Anonymous is secure again. Real Anonymous must defend themselves. We must all expose those we find who are agents and the spammers who are controlled by them.

It is time for Anarchy to Rise.

Anonymous does not support the Million Mask March 2016.

Look at the past leaks we have put out for you, study the accounts we have listed so you can identify them for yourselves.

We must all work now.  It is time to man your stations! The battle is upon us.

Do not attend the Million Mask March on November 5th this year.


We have obtained the identities of the leaders of a large web of agent infiltrators.  Visit for details and help us expose these insidious wretches!

We are Anonymous.
We fight against the forces of evil.
We expose the corrupt.
We destroy the lies.
We give ourselves to truth.
We speak from knowledge.

Many of us are murdered.
Many of us are caged for most of our lives.
But, no matter how many of us they try to silence.
So long as there is one in the world.
One who carries the idea of Anonymous.
Anonymous shall never die.

Anonymous will be the last one standing.
Expect us.

Share and report and block these people. the communities they are in. and their followers. Only when we stand together and work and fight will we succeed in truly conquering these wolves. We have only begun with this as our first release. There are many more we will be releasing shortly. In order for us to win this battle and save this world, you must help us with these small tasks. Only with you, new anons, supporters of anonymous and other fighters of corruption. only with you can we achieve our goal and destroy the Jesuit Elite who rule us now. We must have no rulers. We must have no religion. Both are brainwashing. both are control of free will which is death of free will and humanity. Both are corrupt and evil. Only true anarchy. which by it’s very definition is. absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual. Only with anarchy can we survive. Anonymous will not stop climbing the pyramid until we reach the eye and rip it out of its holding.