June 3

Extradition Cases

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Dr. Les Sachs, a whistle-blower from USA, author and most educated man in America (before he had to flee for his life) has exposed corruption in top US courts, their judges and lawyers.  He has exposed and been hunted by the elite’s khazarian mafia run through publishing corporations, in particular the evil and corrupt Pamela Cromwell, and her controller, Billy Graham.  Still living under threat of death, after ten long years of exile and persecution, we now have his latest Leaks for you.


We now include Kim DotCom in our fight to save lives from the USA. More here.

We have saved Lauri Love from legal extradition to USA! After 2 years of court battles, Lauri Love is free. 

Assange knows of the documents used to keep Love and others safe.  As he is a government honey-pot, using Wikileaks to bait whistle-blowers and innocents, he continues to ignore the documents that would make it impossible for the criminal fascist corporation of America to continue murdering those who spread truth and fight for freedom.  Still, we fought on… and naturally, WE WON!






UK gov letter to stop extradition of UK hacker Lauri Love to USA


US gov brief on bribed US judges re UK hacker Lauri Love




Further Corruption Exposed: The fraud of those who claim to help whistle-blowers to pocket money.

Courage Foundation is also involved with AnonOps and AnonHQ, which have been exposed before as frauds using the name Anonymous for their own profit while destroying the lives of those they claim to help.  Fraudulent charities that steal your money under lies.  Sound Jesuit controlled enough yet?  This is what your government does to truth speakers and freedom fighters.  Liars and thieves.