December 3

MartyG and Boston Children’s Hospital Corruption

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Marty G has cut ties with FreeAnons and is no longer being ripped off by the American Government controlled honey pot.  He has changed his lawyer. Please help expose the corruption of the Boston Children’s Hospital and the courageous work Marty has done.

Human rights activist Martin Gottesfeld faces felony charges from Carmen Ortiz’s office under the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act. The same people who caused the death of Internet pioneer and activist Aaron Swartz now allege that Marty conspired with members of Anonymous to organize a digital protest of Boston Children’s Hospital to stop the torture and save the life of Justina Pelletier. A national campaign was underway to return Justina and her medical decisions to her parents.

Because BCH doctors felt her symptoms had psychological causes, she was denied her pain and cardiac medications, became paralyzed below the hips, and effectively secluded. Her contact with her family severely limited, she took to smuggling them notes hidden in art projects describing her suffering.

Marty faces up to 5 years in prison and $380,000 in restitution to Justina’s tormentors. He is also a tireless advocate against the well documented atrocities of the “troubled teen industry.”

MartyG digital protest of Boston Children’s Hospital to stop the torture & save the life of Justina Pelletier.

MartyG is on hunger strike.  

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You can send a letter to the parties below asking them to pressure Carmen Ortiz to stop prosecuting activists like Marty in prison.    Template available here. Contact your senator or congressman  or the White House

Mail Marty a letter or send him a package.

Mail him a letter:
Marty Gottesfeld, Inmate #12982104
Donald D. Wyatt Detention Facility
950 High St.
Central Falls, RI 02863


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