June 30

Op Cemex

Anonymous Map of Key Locations in Arizona

Arizona Map Decoder

Depending on how detailed and how much of the big picture you wish to focus on, this map should help. The VOP have refused to help us with further locations of their search sites and bases so as usual Anonymous will successfully fulfill this operation without them. This Decoder will explain a bit on what the areas are and the reason they have been included for this Child Trafficking Exposure. The Devil is in the Details, and everything is connected. (All updates will be posted on our blog as usual: http://el.saianarchy.com/)

Known Smuggling Routes and Border Crossings:
Tunnels will be found going through these areas leading into Indian Reservations. Specifically the Tohono O’Odham Reservation is well aware of what goes on. Some Natives have answered some of our questions. They would be the ones who know. What we know: The Reservations (like National Parks) are high drug traffic areas. The natives know to stay out of area though they have never been told why. Parents teach kids to stay out of certain areas. There are stories of decapitation of those who wander in the forbidden zones and no witness reports of visual contact with smugglers etc. Lots of activity has gone on in the San Xavier Indian Reservation as well.

Bases and Tunnels:
Bases are CIA DUMBS: Deep Underground Military Bases. They use high tech gear, naturally, so consider every step on any of the base areas including national parks and reservation lands recorded. Do not use devices connected to wi-fi and use radio carefully (Be aware of what you say and all noise). Many of the underground sites are close to railroads and have entrances that trucks can drive into. Some of the entrances for trucks are protected by holograms that look like the side of a mountain, but allow vehicles if one just drives through them. Most entrances, like bases, are hidden in the mountain ranges. The problem is not only in your back yard, but under your feet.

All Cemex Property Locations, though we know a great many Contractors such as General Electric are also run the same way and used to hide trafficking.

Border Patrol:
Locations of United States Border Patrols.

FEMA Locations:
Not all exact locations are known. Closed Walmart, Sears and Kmart stores are being renovated for FEMA and are indicated as well. They are used as holding cells. You can find out more by learning about Jade Helm as the operation started in 2014 and continues today, we see the goals of the operation are nearly completed. There are now just 2 Kmarts left in Arizona, in Tuscon and in Huachuca.

Missing Children:
Children Missing under the age of 17. Not everyone who goes missing wants to be found, but the locations of the few missing children listed here may be significant. The USA is number one in missing children and pedophile cases compared to every other “first world” country. Keeping in mind this is a very low account simply to give an idea. The way the US States keep the accurate count of missing children difficult to find is by not using a central database, let alone updating the cases. Every county, every town, every division in the US states including the states themselves help to keep all information separated and unorganized.

It should be no surprise why US police do not even start looking for missing persons until it is well beyond the time frame of being able to find anything. Their job is not to keep your children safe, nor to find them as indicated by the amount of missing children with no identifications. The missing listed here are just a drop in the bucket, but like the many others they were never even given a chance.

Child Relocation Centers:
Immigrant children are separated from parents at the border and while parents are shipped back to Mexico the children are culled and trafficked. They are first held by FEMA organized groups such as SouthWest Key, Catholic Charities, Tumbleweed Organization, and more. After they are registered they are distributed. Not only immigrant children but American born children are funneled into these camps which go under many different names such as boarding school, behavioral modification centers, juvenile detention centers, medical facilities and more. Parents pay to send their children to these places, “to be fixed” and act surprised when they are returned in body bags. Anonymous has uncovered the deaths and torture of tens of thousands of children in the USA thanks to OpJustice.

Mind Kontrol Locations:
This is where many children go to be programmed and memories wiped. You can find more details on the MK programming from Anonymous previous ops as well, including opPurge where Anonymous exposed child trafficking rings like this one. Naturally some people go missing simply because they wish to, but young children are sold and taken and this is why they never “come back”-memories are wiped and in the MK system they are programmed for the life they were bought for. MK Centers work with the relocation centers as well, it is all linked because they all work together. Veterans Administration Hospitals, “Medical” Centers, and Clinics are used for this purpose. These places can frequently change names and “ownership” when too much notice is taken by medias, when too many crimes are made known. People assume because the name changes the establishment does too. These locations, like many others we have labeled are close to airports and large hospitals. Since children do not often tell of their experiences of abuse including rape and torture, these places take a keen eye to find. Look for the obvious signs: owners are typically involved in cults, government or both. In 2016, 783 children under 18 years of age died in Arizona from these crimes.  See our blog (takes a few minutes to load as it is file heavy): http://el.saianarchy.com/  for more on MK Ultra and the governments systematic child abuse.
Child Abuse Skyrockets in Arizona
Child Fatalities and Near Fatalities
House of Representatives Hearing

Why are FreeMason Locations Important? Anonymous has uncovered many child trafficing rings whose members have always been involved in one or more strands of FreeMasonry or Scottish Rite. (Naturally the Upper Levels…) The FreeMasons have been intimately acquainted with all native American tribes since they conquered the land in the 1400s. As a result most American towns, cities and states were developed by the FreeMasons and have been controlled by them ever since. Most Masonic Temples are simply decorative doorways hiding the tunnel systems they are always built upon. Needless to say, they are well involved with native Americans sacred sites and secret locations. The purpose of their buildings was to give them access to their underground routes. The CIA (a Vatican-controlled organization) is controlled by the Jesuits (The Vatican SS, who control their FreeMason subgroup). These locations are all linked, not only physically through the tunnel systems they are built upon, but politically, religiously, and financially. The apples are never far from the tree, their agendas do not change. You want to uncover secret places, look to the native Americans. They are kept separated from you for a reason.

Native American Sites of Interest:
If you want to get down to the real trails, caves, tunnels and underground bases you must have a close relationship with the natives. If they will even speak to you at all. They have been there since before the US Government invaded their territories and destroyed their lands. They know the truth about most things going on in the USA. Their histories of abductions, genocide, child rape and more done by the FreeMason Jesuit controlled Government are well known by them, but do not presume they are willing to tell you about it. What good would it do anyway? You pay no attention to the Government actions and laws that have for hundreds of years destroyed the only free people on the continent. The Casinos forced on them, which go against their entire natural system of government and beliefs help the elite to launder money. Wake up and put it together.  One-fourth of Arizona’s total land area is occupied by 20+ reservations. Indian reservations are regarded as sovereign nations, making and enforcing the laws of their land. Permits are needed to camp, hunt, or fish on native lands just like in Park areas, also kept separated and segregated for the same purposes. The Navajo Nation, the largest reservation in the U.S., and the Tohono O’odham Nation, the second largest reservation in the U.S., are both located in Arizona.

“Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.” ~American Indian Proverb