January 25

Operation Where’s Waldo

Many of you have been around us long enough to know we focus on two things here: the Elite, and the protection of the future: our children. Anonymous has done a great many operations most of which focus on the safeguarding of children. Anonymous are well known for our pedophile hunts, Operation Death Eaters and Operation Purge, both of which focus on international child trafficking.  In our many past operations we have exposed to you time and again how this always leads back to the elite, their Luciferian beliefs and Satanic Ritual Abuse. In Operation Justice Anonymous exposed how the elite use certain facilities and organizations like schools, hospitals, juvenile detention centers and more to continue the very commonly used mind control techniques and rituals. We exposed how parents breed children specifically for these programs which are often sold to parents through college and university courses. We have also exposed how parents breed in order to sell or simply offer their children specifically to be used in satanic rituals. What people are finally waking up to is how saturated every part of our world is with this infection. We will continue this awakening by continuing to shine the spotlight of truth on the elite and the real work they do.

Child Ritual Sex Abuse, Ritual Human Sacrifices, Snuff Films and Sex Trafficking is what the elite live off of. This is the true reality they work to keep hidden from you with all their other agendas. Still want to live in the matrix?  Boys Town, the Franklin Files, the Clinton rings, Lolita Express, Haut de la Garenne, Pizzagate, Tuam Care, Smyllum Park Orphanage, Bohemian Grove and the list goes on and on.  These places have been uncovered all over the world by children who survived, as well as whistleblowers, researchers, musicians and hollywood stars. All you have to do is open your eyes and look.  Today the elite have become so proud and brazen.  The people of the world are perfectly complacent and do nothing to stop the elite from doing whatever they will.  That is why we have seen such a rise in not only missing children a, but the propaganda and programming for the rituals the elite practice.

So without further ado, we are calling all Anonymous. Begin connecting the dots in your country, in your town. Expose the ritual practices and child harvesting of the elite in your area.  The signs are everywhere. Do you see? Where’s Waldo in your area?   We are beginning in Iowa, as the recent missing kids report that went out drew our attention to that area. The research of Mollie Tibbetts brought exposed that there is a old trafficking pipeline which continues to run right through the area.  Also within this research we can, as expected, see ties between the Ordo Templi Orientis, pizzagate and blood rituals. The elite always leave their mark.

Anonymous Iowa.
We expect you.

Operation Where’s Waldo Engaged.

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