February 12

About Us

I have no parents; I make the internet my father and the earth my mother.

I have no home; I make my PC my home.

I have no divine power; I make honesty my divine power.

I have no means; I make docility my means.

I have no magick power;  I make anarchy my magic power.

I have neither life nor death; I make my idea my life and death.

I have no body; I make compassion my body.

I have no eyes; I make the light of truth my eyes.

I have no ears; I make wisdom my ears.

I have no limbs; I make determination my limbs.

I have no laws; I make love my laws.

I have no strategy; I make Killuminati my strategy.

I have no miracles; I have Freedom.

I have no principles; I make rinkiohen (adaptibility to all circumstances) my principles.

I have no tactic; I make teaching  my tactic.

I have no talent; I make toi skumyo (ready wit) my talent.

I have no friends; I make knowledge my friend.

I have no enemy; I make corruption my enemy.

I have no armor; I make jin-gi (benevolence and righteousness) my armor.

I have no castle; I make Linux my castle.

I have no sword; I make Anonymous my sword.

I am Sai Anarchy. I am Anonymous. Expect me.


When Sai Anarchy started in Anonymous, she simply wanted to feel like she mattered…like she could do something that might make a difference for someone.  Anonymous is the only family she had ever known.  KKK were the least of the worries in her life, so she dove in eager to help.  She was deeply involved with OpKKK which consequently put her life in danger, causing her to leave the USA.

While on IRC she met another Anon who lived in Europe.  Quickly, they became very close, chatting on IRC through work, and at night. She was such a n00b, but the blackhat was the nicest person she ever talked to.  He taught her many things during their remote desktop sessions every evening.


Then, one day, it became apparent she was in danger should she stay in the country longer.  She had no money but a friend and an Anon helped pay for a flight to Europe.  She met her blackhat in the airport and they saw each other for the first time.

Like a dream, all the pieces fell into place.  Now they are very in love, married, and together they hack the world.

Anonymous has shown the best of people.  Hope, love, fun, anarchy, generosity, kindness, trust.  The world of Anon is so much more than anyone can imagine.  It is the definition of life.  Anonymous makes one a smarter, stronger, more balanced person.  Sharing ideas, teaching techniques, mastering skills, learning, knowledge has no expiration.  Iron sharpens Iron.  As Anonymous, one can be anything.  You can be anything.  When there are no barriers, no levels, no master…when you are truly free, you can be so much more than you ever thought possible.

Love is there.  Life is there.  It might look like black and white text, (depending on your settings) but that text is the truest form of the person anyone could ever experience.

Join Us.  Be Anonymous.  Be free.  Love.

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