August 15

Fellow Whistle-blowers Exposing Corruption

whistleblowerDr. Les Sachs is a whistle-blower from USA, an author and noted the “most educated man in America”, before he had to flee for his life for exposing the corruption of the American Justice System. He has exposed corruption in top US courts, their judges and lawyers. He has exposed and been hunted by the elite’s khazarian mafia run through publishing corporations, in particular the evil and corrupt Pamela Cromwell, and her controller, Billy Graham. We are proud to highlight his website through ours. Visit his site here!

Dr Les is actively involved in saving people from the USA’s extradition charges and illegal harassment. Among those he has worked to save are Kim DotCom and Lauri Love, whom we have been honored to have helped with. More Here and Here.

Further Corruption Exposed: The fraud of those who claim to help whistle-blowers to pocket money.

Dr. Les has also helped to expose Courage Foundation, involved with AnonOps and AnonHQ, as frauds using the name Anonymous for their own profit while destroying the lives of those they claim to help. Fraudulent charities that steal your money under lies. Claiming to be a safe-haven for those who wish to leak information while in reality, they are just more honeypots used to persecute speakers of truth. This is what your government does to truth speakers and freedom fighters.