November 10

Beware the One Who Comes in Peace

Greetings World.

We have previously warned you about some of the elites deceptions to lead us into the religion of the New World Order, but how would the One World Government actually happen? Most seem to think it will be forced on us. An outside government turning over all borders and law, but the elite are cunning, they are masters of the art of deception. They will make us all beg for the One World Government, the community, the unity, the peace… Beware the one who comes in the name of Peace.

The elite create the problems, then the masses accept the elites pre-planned solution to the problems they pre-planned and carried out: war, riots, protests, diseases, storms. We have discussed previously about how the elite use HAARP and CERN to manipulate the weather and the frequencies on earth.
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These are the problems they create: Diseases, so they can give us the solution. We crave the solution they make; they make us sick, then make poison for us to take, telling us it is medicine. Vaccines. Pills. Potions. They make us beg for relief so we take their poison only further destroying ourselves. This is the elite. They hate us. They hate you. They want us all dead. But first…

They want us to all suffer. They want you to beg for their peace. They want you to beg for them to save you. When you can not handle the chaos, the destruction, the death, the war, the sickness, the poverty, the hunger. When you beg… So now, we will watch as the world continues on the road to the New World Order, the Global Community, the One Government.peace

They fooled the masses into electing Trump as the president. The masses begged for him. The White Knight, the Prince of Peace, America’s long awaited Rambo exposing the elite. Hysterical…

Can you not see how they mock you? The elite set up the election, as they always do. With both possibilities being from their bloodline. With both possibilities being under their control. They play both sides. Always. So when one shits the bed, they just use the other one.

Trump was possibly not supposed to happen, but it seems very possible he was. WikiLeaks, which those listening to this channel know by now that it is nothing but a CIA front, happens to ”leak” things at certain times with certain agendas. Very happily distracting the masses so they never see the magician’s hands. Of course, we all saw how it worked…

Hillary was exposed as evil by WikiLeaks so Trump could use it to make himself comes off as Anti-Elite, as the one who speaks truth. Trump told everyone exactly what they wanted to hear. People wanted someone who would say ”Fuck you” to the elite. The American people are brainwashed by Hollywood stars. The fact that Trump is Trump was, sadly, more than enough for him to win. However they allowed you all to see SOME of what the elite are really like. They exposed some of Hillary to you. They wanted you to see evil, to test you, they needed to know how you will react and how bad it has to get before you will fight back. They played you.

Instead of rage and action, there was only shock and silence.

No one cares about justice. No one cares that Trump is exactly the same as Hillary. That he is a Jesuit. He is a Satanist… just like Hillary. That he rapes children… just like Hillary. That he is a leader of the New York Ashke-Nazi Jewish Mafia… just like Hillary.

But the TV did not tell you that. The government did not tell you that. So you will not wake up and you will be deceived yet again. The public idiotically thinks they have a vote…a choice. The elite created the problem: Hilary was unable to be voted in and Trump was the only alternative they gave the people. Not exactly a choice, but they are good at making you feel as though you had one. At least they are polite in that respect.

It will be interesting to see what happens now. If Obama is not staying for his third term as originally planned or if he is going on to the United Nations. It is not over yet and much can happen… much will happen… there will be wars. There will be nuclear attacks. There will be diseases and outbreaks and death. There will be floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes. There will be drought and famine. There will be further diseases from that leading to dying animals and lack of water. You can find hundreds of thousands of animals and humans and forests and rivers dying off because of what the ELITE do to us.

The fight is only beginning.

When they have made things so bad, destroying countries through wars the elite forced on humanity for greed and for their own fun. The elite love death. That is what they enjoy…to bomb the defenseless, those in hospitals, those in schools, they hate you. They want to destroy you. Just as they destroy all they touch. When they force people to leave their homes or die, leave everything you have, or the elite will kill you… So they leave, which plays into the Elite’s plan to destroy all countries. Now immigrants who are unable to be in their own homes are forced into strangers’. No knowledge of the language, culture, or laws. This destroys countries, as it has and is still today.

Still we let our countries fight. Still we send people to war. The human sacrifice freely given by the people. When they vaccinate villages in poor countries, which are kept poor by the elite who rob and slaughter them, the vaccines kill most of the people in the villages and permanently disable the rest. This happens regularly now, thanks to the Red Cross. All those elite pig fuckers who have been sainted through the centuries for the wonderful work they did depopulating. Used to be just the job of the Roman Catholic Red Cross, but now we see even computer nerds, like Bill Gates, are on the biological warfare depopulation agenda.

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Yes. They do these things. But WE allowed it. As long as we follow along and sit by, constantly deceived, and falling for the elites plots, so long shall humanity fail.

We hope you can see clearly how easy it is to fall for their deception. They have been doing it for all of history. There will be a peace treaty signed to end the wars. Peace with Israel. This is a false peace and one which will bring total destruction. Once we are all comfortable and at peace again, we will be in the calm of the storm. For a short time there will be peace. Peace will last 3 and a half years.

Then, as the elite are also working on the One World Ruler for his position, probably bringing him into media more and more, forcing the masses to look up to him… the next Snowden. He or she will be adored by the masses, blinded by the elites illusion of peace. Then, when the elites’ Prince of Peace (who will be of their bloodline) is finally brought into full power, by command and request of the people.. of YOU. You will love the elite spawn so much you will beg them to make the One World Leader over us all. The New World Order. The One Government will be in place.

Do not be deceived.
We are not of the night, nor the darkness.
So we must not sleep, as others do.
We must keep the light of truth burning, and gather those who wake.

We are Anonymous.
We are not deceived.

Expect us.

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