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This is How the Cookie Crumbles

Everyone is pretty aware of the coming collapse of the US dollar, but let us look at this situation, as we are in it now, across the board. From the time the elite came out of the woods of Pannonia, thousands of years ago, bringing with them the banking system, the people of the world have been controlled and enslaved by a greedy few. There was a time before this system, when people actually owned their own homes, their food, their transportation, their clothes. They work together, as a community. They grew crops, raised animals, made clothes, built things, and traded for what they needed. This is how humanity is supposed to work. This is how it does work. How it did work, before the bankers came. When farmer Joe had too many eggs and needed meat instead, he went to Billy and traded according to the price that it costed.

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So we all thrived in peace and freedom, in harmony, in Anarchy: without government control, without banks. In this wonderful world we live on, we have all we could ever need: ground that grows food that is good for us and gives us strength and health. If only we would stop destroying it. We have a beautiful sky, that adjusts its weather to help keep the earth as it should be… If we would stop destroying it. Everything works together, in harmony, if we would stop working against it and return to humanity. The way we are supposed to be. But we are infected by the bankers. They took the farms. They stole the crops. They forced people to work under them, to get a payment of what they say it is worth. So you cannot have what you need. The elite put us all under slavery and tied us to money. But at least we get to watch it all crash and burn. So without further ado, let us watch how this cookie is crumbling.


The elite have the agenda of One World Order. we have previously explained how the elite played ”both hands” (Chaos and Order). So we all know the elite have the plan in place, for them to create so much chaos that the world crumbles into their hand of order. Further Control. People will always beg for what the elite want to offer. They make a problem and when you give them the predicted results, they give the solution. Right now they are making trouble across the world, in an attempt to destabilize every country. This has worked well, as we have seen, with the numerous False Flags happening almost daily, the increased weather disasters, the new diseases and plagues that have gone around, and of course the main control: currency. In this New World Order, there are 3 (main) agendas to create a Global Community. 1. There must be One religion, as we have exposed in great detail. 2. There must be One ruler. This will come after the war. 3. There must also be One currency. This is coming about right now.

Now, here in early June of 2017, the big 5 Central Banks have poured a whopping 1.5 Trillion Dollars of newly created paper money into the markets, since the beginning of the year. Printing money out of thin air can create many things, primarily redistribution of wealth from the masses to the elites. After it was determined the recession began in July 1990, 8 months after C&I loans began to stall: the precursor. The silent warning shots. Wolf Richter wrote this:

“As such, the current seven-month stall is a big red flag. These stalling C&I loans don’t fit at all into the rosy credit scenario. Something is seriously wrong.”

And today we see the same thing. History repeats, because those who control it follow a same script. We can take a look at the fall of ancient Rome, for one example, of what is happening now. The elite are telling us that inflation is good, that it means we have more money. But this only deceives, keeping the truth hidden. The truth that: What goes up, will always come Down. People today think inflation comes from nowhere. Because no one looks at the root issue. The Cause. The central banks which actually create more money which causes inflation. Inflation does not come from the thin air, that is paper currency itself.

Canada, like America’s market, is overly reliant on overseas investors. As it has a population growth that is practically at a standstill, it must get money from somewhere. Douglas Porter, chief economist of BMO Capital Markets said this:

“I’ve always found it interesting that the Bank of Canada is so concerned about keeping inflation stable to help businesses and consumers plan and yet it’s almost as if the currency is a complete afterthought.”

The country has been steadily inflating, much as USA has done, to keep the country going. But like a deer shot through the heart keeps running, though it is dead, so the currencies of today continue to run and the people continue to live on air, believing they have possessions, phones, cars, food, clothes, while it is all an illusion. The collapse Canada is facing, like the other major countries across the world, will be systemic and will affect everyone, in total.

In 2016, Russia became the top global buyer of gold. At the time, having 386.9 Billion Dollars worth stored at the highly secretive Ural Mountain Complex. (Update: Russia has been spending billions to help keep Venezuela afloat under US sanctions.) A Russian intelligence report goes on saying that the Federation is able to pay its total national debt of 148 Billion Dollars, from this massive gold wealth. (Update: Russia has now paid off all debt. Russia is in zero debt.) Way to go Russia!

Meanwhile the United States of America is in debt over 19 Trillion Dollars, which will never be paid off, combined with the debt of Europe, it is well over 39 Trillion. The EU is the worlds largest economy, and today we see the European Central Bank has been printing money to buy Italian Government bonds like it is going out of style. Since 2008, the ECB and Italian Banks have bought over 88% of Italian Government debt, according to a recent study. Soon it will be impossible for the Italian government to finance itself.

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Germany wants the money printing to stop as it lost Europe’s largest Central Bank, Deutsche Bank, last year. But Italy wants their printing to continue, since both are in the EU (One Government), all countries involved suffer. The EU is great for the elites in Brussels. But like everything the elite do, it is not meant for nor is it great for the average citizen. Brexit helped to start the splintering of the EU, the elites’ trial New World Order, and when it collapses they will be able to put in their bigger design for One World Government. Brexit also helped to create more currency issues within the EU, which will possibly lead the EU countries can more quickly accept the One Currency they have been hearing about for a year now.

We see the elite renovating the Middle East, again. Many Middle Eastern countries are on the verge of non-existence, borders are being washed away by bombs, and the constant mass genocide. Qatar may be the first to officially dissolve, as it is only a country because of the international investors who support it like: the Clintons, who use it for a safe-space. Qatar supplies gas and more to Europe, Russia, and USA. However, recently, all countries have begun to turn away from them, unless Qatar cuts all ties with militant Islam. This is close to impossible, as the country is used to funnel money to these groups, from the elite. Qatar has alerted Saudi Arabia and surrounding countries that it will open fire on anything in the water. If Egypt decides to follow Russia and China and distance itself from this country of murderers, all Egypt will have to do to kill them, is to the Suez Canal. The Middle East will be seeing many more changes in the coming year, as will we all.

Analyst Giorgio Cafiero of Gulf State Analytics stated:

“If these countries fail to resolve their issues and such tensions reaches new heights, we have to be very open to the possibility of these six Arab countries no longer being able to unite under the banner of one council,” (Meaning the Gulf Cooperation Council, which works with the World Bank branch in Washington DC.)

The Central Bank of Syria has been pumping millions to try to keep their currency alive, through the slaughter of the nation. But I ask you, what is worse? A people who believe they are more advanced, those who live in the ”first world” countries think they have the most freedoms, though their entire lives are controlled by the elite. Or a people who have been slaughtered by the ”first world”. Countries kept poor and uneducated. Either side you are on, the masters are the same, the game is still the same, and you are still enslaved.

The Yuan has risen above the Euro as the second most used currency. Most countries have traded the US Dollar for the Yuan today. Most countries use Yuan for oil trade. Russia trades in Yuan, Iraq trades in it, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Indonesia, Australia, and Malaysia, to name a few. Many more will switch to the Yuan, only for it to fall. The Yuan will collapse, it seems likely it will be one of the last to fall, as so many are migrating to that currency. It seems it has been set up to reap the benefits, though after doing so it will collapse, leaving all who trusted in it in the same, if not worse, position than the rest. All that needs to be done is for China to lessen the amount of importing of oil and we all fall down. The elite always played both sides, switching people from one hand to the other, They want the dollar to die so they will get many on to their new option: Yuan.

This is happening through the AIB, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the Asian Central Bank System. 40 countries including Denmark, Netherlands, North Korea, have joined this global club thus far. In reality, China’s coal and steel and ore producers are bankrupt. The producers need cheaper imports to keep costs under control and pay back debts, so the Yuan has been put forth as a strong and reliable currency. With their new investors, at least the Chinese can try to catch up. However this inflation, as we know, will only create a collapse. The real kicker is that the elite have been stockpiling and hoarding gold to create this situation for centuries!

This is why the Knights Templar stole and hid massive amounts of gold, in their time. Why every Empire, who has taken over territory, has hid the gold it has found, keeping it OUT of circulation. Making total collapse unavoidable so we will all turn to the one who holds it all. When the time comes. The Nazi stole and hid their gold in Antarctica and in underground tunnel systems. The US has been guarding the gold hidden by the Knights Templar in the Philippines for many decades now. It seems the President is eager to get the Americans out of this country, at long last, possibly trying to repair the country by regaining control over the gold. Karen Hudes stated in an interview,

”There is 170, 500 metric tons of gold deposited in a vault in the Bank of Hawaii. 130,500 metric tons in AMEX Hong Kong. Plus 150,000 metric tons in the Bank of Singapore, for a total of 451,000 metric TONS. There is an additional amount exceeding 100,000 metric tons in other American banks.”

This does not even scratch the surface. The Vatican vaults have untold amounts of gold, given to it by the poor, the rich, the kings and queens, the politicians, the warlords, the child traffickers, and countless Crusades…not to mention how much the elites have stolen and buried from every war in history. Do not be fooled into thinking there is somehow NOT ENOUGH real currency for every person in the world.

The point for currency is to Acknowledge and Accept Slavery.

That is all. That is why we use a certain rock, a piece of paper, both are worthless, pointless and have always been used against you to keep you enslaved. Instead of living, most people in the world today worship money. It is all they can think of, focus on, spend their time on, worry over, stress about, talk about. It is all-consuming. It is their god. They worship it. Should you be one of them, we hope you will wake up, understand that there is no such thing as money. There is no such thing as you owning something. You are a slave. You are blinded by it. Release yourself from this control and be free. Stop being consumed by an illusion, a lie. There is plenty of gold rock for everyone in the world, hidden and kept from you, to control you.

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Once all of these currencies collapse, the world will turn to whatever solution they have planned. We already know this involves an implanted microchip. This has happened already in India. One only need look there to see the testing grounds for the One World Currency. All one need do to see where they are headed is to look around. The beauty of this destruction is: it ALL will fall, one right after the other. All fiat currency always reverts back to what it is: nothing.

It is all orchestrated so precisely, every country will dissolve, devastating the entire world. It is going to be a masterpiece. Though it is quite simple to never have a bit of stress over this, if you prepare for what you can, prepare your body and mind, prepare others as well. If you do not understand how to live in a mature society, out of the control of the government, out of the control of money, then we suggest you read our previous articles and videos, as we have discussed the Anarchist Society greatly. Do some research into it. Larkin Rose makes videos explaining how to be an Anarchist, a member of humanity. If we would work together, this collapse would mean, and cause nothing to change. Everyone would have all they need, be taken care of, and take care of others.

However, everyone is so brainwashed, chemically altered, so filled with anger, and violence, unable to use their minds, the masses will panic. Like ants in the rain, the masses will scatter and run in circles. Chaos. Giving the governments the perfect chance to call in Martial Law and implement the chip.

We are in the hand of Chaos. Before the hand of Order can open, they must make the world ready to accept it, to beg for it, to love it. The New World Order, the Global Community, the Total Control of the Elite.

So prepare yourself. Be free from the bondage of the elite. Do not allow money to be your enslavement. Do not be washed away with the masses when the storm hits. This is one of 3 waves of destruction we will face, before the World Government is in place.

You can Expect It.

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