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Dead List Argentina

Greetings World.

As we continue our look at Argentina, we can easily see today, the results of decades of intensifying drug and human trafficking, the decay of morals, the dissolution of the sacredness of life. This darkness that has consumed Latin America began many generations ago, but we will get into its blood-soaked  history later on. Today we look at the epidemic of murder in Argentina. Latin America has even made a new term because there are so many murders of females in the region, they are now called Femicides.

argentina femicide

Femicide or Feminicide: hate-crimes based on sex, broadly defined as “the intentional killing of women (or girls/children) solely because they are women.

Argentina registered over 2,638 Femicides between 2008 and 2017. Almost 300 women were killed in 2017 alone. Every 30 hours a female is murdered in Argentina, and number of victims under 18 is increasing. The rest of Latin America is no different. The United Nations CEPAL found that 2,795 women over the age of 15 were killed in 2017, because of their gender, in Latin America and the Caribbean. (Is this why all of a sudden men are turning into women? To compensate for the gendercide?) We must keep in mind that these numbers must be assumed to be a low estimation, as many are not taken into consideration, due to the lack of report and court proceedings for the crime. Latin America is the murder capital of the world.

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World-wide Femicide Watch

Murder, taking the life of another, stealing what is not yours to steal, is not restricted to one gender or age, as we all know, therefore we will not discuss only the Femicides here but the murder of the innocent as a whole. Because of the quality and amount of information we try to bring to you, we are focusing only on Argentina for this article, because our last few articles have been focused on this area as well. As for those who survive brutal rapes and murder attempts, a 2017 UNICEF report found that girls aged between 10 and 14 give birth every three hours in Argentina as a result of sexual crimes. In 2016, Argentina had 5,500 new HIV infections and 2,400 AIDS-related deaths.

argentina femicide

Ni Una Menos (Not One More) is a movement which has gained continental momentum. Tens of thousands of women protest against Femicide. Mariana Carbajal is a founding member of Ni Una Menos and journalist who covers gender violence in Argentina. “They don’t stop with killing women. They have to torture, destroy and obliterate their bodies.” Over 2,100 children in Argentina have lost their mother to Femicide. 

These endless murders are nothing new to Argentina. In November 1986, 19 year-old Andrea Danne was stabbed through the heart in her bed. In 1990, María Soledad Morales, a 17 year-old student, was drugged, tortured and killed, before her body was mutilated and dumped. The 2 men responsible for her death were well connected politically, therefore nothing was done.

In 1985, after Argentina’s horrific era of Dirty war crimes and total military government (which was a murder, trafficking and torture free for all), a great many stories came to light.  One story was the family Puccio. Arquímedes Puccio, his wife and a few friends kidnapped people from rich families they knew, and demanded ransom. Once they got the ransom, the victims were killed. The victims were held in the family house, where Puccio’s many children lived. Puccio lured 23-year-old rugby player Ricardo Manoukian into the family house, where he was held for nine days. The $250,000 ransom was paid and Manoukian was shot three times. Next came engineer Eduardo Aulet, for the ransom amount of $150,000. Eduardo’s family paid, and Eduardo was shot. His body was only found four years after he disappeared, in May of 1983. Their third victim, Emilio Naum, fought back when they tried to kidnap him. He was killed and left in the street. The final victim that we know of, Nelida Bollini de Prado, was found in the house, alive. The police had suspicions about the Puccio family and found Prado during a raid.

We can, as usual, go further back in Argentinian history and find one Francesca Rojas. She found her two children murdered in June of 1892 in Necochea, Argentina. The suspect was Velasquez, a man whose sexual advances had been refused. Police tortured him and even tied him to the corpses of the children overnight, but he would not confess. The new investigative techniques of the day included body measurements and pictures, which were very expensive then. Because of the inspectors diligence and relentless investigation of this case, a bloody thumb print was found on the bedroom door. This led to the confession of Rojas who had stabbed her two babies to death, in an attempt to improve her chance of marrying her boyfriend. She stole the life of a four year old girl and a six year old boy…for a chance. We have all seen it too many times before: stupid girls thinking that having children or getting rid of them will make someone love them, who never did in the first place. History repeats, because no one learns.

16 year old Lucia Perez was brutally raped and murdered in Argentina, on October 8, 2016. She was abducted in front of her school, force-fed drugs, gang-raped and sodomized by a wooden stick. Her rapists and murderers then washed her body and left her at a hospital where she bled to death. The 71 page ruling acquitted 23 year-old Matías Farías and 41 year-old Pablo Offinadi of the crimes. The ruling also forgave Alejandro Maciel for “aggravated cover-up”.

Later that same month, on October 29, Elida del Valle Barrios, a 39 year-old resident of Villa 21, was stabbed more than 20 times by her husband in a public plaza. She bled to death in front of her 7 year-old daughter. 1 in 3 Femicides occur in poorer areas, such as the Villas (groupings of homes put together by the poor who gather there: shanty towns). Later, on December 29, a 22 year-old woman was shot in the head in Villa 21.

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In Argentina one in four Femicides is committed by firearms, and of the 969 cases between 2014 and 2017, 92% of women were killed by their partners or someone they knew. In 2018, 2 men and 18 women, two of which were pregnant, were murdered in the town of Córdoba alone. 13 other women escaped from murder attempts in Córdoba.

Henry Coronado, a 37 year-old married man, was in pretrial detention since March of 2015 for the murder of his lover Leydi Meneses. One Femicide wasn’t enough for him. He killed his wife during a conjugal visit, and then himself.

In April of 2015, Marita Eugenia Lanzetti, who was in the process of divorcing her violent husband, was murdered by him. In the middle of her day teaching kindergarten, her husband ran into her class and slit her throat in front of her students. Ex-husband Mauro Bongiovani said he “was obsessed with his ex-wife and that he felt relief after assassinating her.”

14 year-old Chiara Paez went missing in May 2015. In June, she was found buried under the patio of her boyfriend Manuel Mansilla‘s house. She was 8 weeks pregnant, which created heated arguments between the couple. Traces of a drug used in abortions were found in her system, and she was violently beaten before being buried alive. Though Mansilla confessed to forced abortion and murder, he could not have acted alone. Due to her size, it is suspected that his parents were involved as well.


During an Umbanda rite, in September of 2015, 4 year-old Uriel Cisneros was murdered. Uriel was conceived because of his parents’ involvement in the Umbanda mystic cult. When he was of age, Uriel’s mother, Romina Hernández, gave him to cult leader and known witch, Ramona Rosa Toledo AKA: Mae Rosa, who gave him to her daughter Ivana Toledo, and Ivana’s boyfriend, Diego Grollino. He was an offering to the cult to be used for spiritual transcendence. Uriel was given to a life a torture. Severely malnourished, he was burned with cigars and drained of his blood for many rituals which require fresh blood. The final ritual ceremony (or ‘Development’ as occult ceremonies are called now), was performed by Diego Grollino wearing a black hat, Ramona Toledo, who wore a red long skirt with a red shirt, her daughter Ivana and Cristian Acha, who wore white and a cowboy hat. Grollino stated that the entity he was summoning was Sau Sechi and that Acha’s was Tranca Rúas: Both are divisions of Set of Egypt..but demon genealogy is for another day.

Lucas Toledo, Ramona’s son, played the drums and the Development began. Uriel was burned with coals and water, and raped. His flesh was torn and cut. He was brutally beaten and his hair was torn off. While being anally impaled, the Development was interrupted and the occultists threw the child, who was almost unconscious, into the trunk of a car. He was taken to the cult’s house where he was strangled until he suffocated on his vomit and died. Uriel’s mother was given five years in prison for abandonment, while the other cult members were acquitted. After many months, Lucas Toledo’s girlfriend, who was also present, finally confessed. Ivana Toledo was sentenced to perpetual prison along with Diego Grollino. Ramona Rosa Toledo, mother of Ivana and Lucas, was given absolution along with Cristian Acha, Lucas Toledo, Saverio Grollino, father of Diego, and Lidia Maidana Diego’s mother.

In June of 2016, Ángeles Rawson, a 16 year-old girl, went missing on her way home from school. The next day she was found at a waste treatment center, wrapped in a trash bag. She had been tied up and strangled to death. Like many others, her murderer was never sought out or charged.

In 2011, Candela Sol Rodríguez was kidnapped and found ten days later, dead. She was 11 years old. argentina murderThen there are the cases like Marita Verón, a 23 year-old who went missing in 2002. A witness states she was kidnapped by 3 men in a red car. Police later spotted her, saying she looked like she had escaped a sex party, but did nothing to help her. She was never seen again. A prostitute came forward to tell Marita’s mother that she had been sold to sex traffickers. Marita’s mother began infiltrating human-trafficking gangs by pretending to be interested in “buying” women. The information she gathered from these visits led to police raids which rescued dozens of women who had been kidnapped and trafficked. All those brought to court over this case were released without charges and nothing more has been done about it. Marita has never been found.

Mario Agustin Salto, an 11 year-old boy, went missing and was found dead 48 hours later, also in June of 2016. Marito was raped before being hung with a wire, then dismembered, as he died. argentina murderMiguel Angel Jimenez, his wife, the school director, Arminda Lucrecia Dia, their son Alfredo Daniel Albarracin, Pablo Ramirez, Rodolfo Sequeira, David Tomas Sosa, and Ramon Salvatierra have been arrested so far for the murder. Judge Rosa Falco de Rainieri, who is presiding over the case, said it is believed that the boy was killed as part of a Satanic ritual.

The Argentinians are no stranger to ritual sacrifice, as it runs deep through their history, back to the Incas and beyond. See more here and here.

In June of 2013, Ángela Soledad Díaz, a 5 year-old girl, was murdered in an Umbanda ritual. The brain dead parents, Claudia Soledad González and Sergio Alfredo Díaz, took their sick baby to Umbanda cultist, “Yesi”. The parents, two young girls, and Raúl Uñates (lead witch) “covered the girl in milk and parsley for a half hour” to heal her.  However, overnight the child got more seriously ill. Claiming they went straight to the hospital, by the time they arrived, Angela Diaz was dead. During the investigation the Yesi stated, “I do not heal, Medicine does.”

In 2016, 19 year-old Gisela López was kidnapped by three men who took her to the woods. There she was beaten and raped with a stick the men found there, while being strangled with her shoe-laces. Lopez was found covered with grass, in a fetal position, with a shoe lace around her neck. Three years later Mario Andrés Saucedo, Elvio Andrés Saucedo and Matías Alejandro Vega, who were charged with the crime, have been pardoned.

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In December of 2016, Matteo Daniel Villica, a 16 year-old, was shot in the chest on his way home. Because of the violence in the area, he took a bus the 7 blocks from a church event to his friends’ home (30 meters from the bus). When he got off of the bus, two motorcyclists surrounded him and shot him. They took his papers, cards and phone and fled. Though there were a great many eye witnesses, no one has been charged.

In May of 2017, Ana Rosa Barrera was murdered by her boyfriend, Marcelo Favio Ferraretto, after she told him she was seeing someone else. After missing for a few days, Barrera‘s dismembered body was found in a well, not far from Ferraretto’s home. argentina genocideFerraretto, who had been involved in the search parties, confessed a couple of years later. (Murderers participating in search and rescue appears to be a normal pattern.) Ferraretto stated that after hitting her violently with a blunt object in her face and forehead, he used a knife to sever both of her legs, at the height of her hip. He also attempted to decapitate her but failed to fully disconnect her spine. Ferraretto claims he did it in his sleep.

In April 2017, 21 year-old Micaela García was found strangled to death after she went missing. She was murdered by Sebastián José Luis Wagner, who was on parole, while walking home. He had already served prison time for two cases of rape. In today’s day and age it’s considered barbaric to cut off a mans genitalia, without anesthesia, even when they can’t control themselves. This effective method would rid the world of these unworthy humans without harming their life. Punishments should actually fit the crime. Wagner’s father and friends helped cover up the crime but thankfully his mother had brains enough to turn him in. Wagner finally confessed to murdering Miaela Garcia while he raped her, alongside his boss.

3 year-old Paulo Agustín Bustamante was shot in June 2017. While walking with his father to buy a pizza, two teenage boys jumped out of the trees, assaulted and robbed Martin Bustamante, Paulo‘s father. As the boys were running away they shot at the baby, hitting him in the back, killing him. One 16 year-old was arrested.

argentina femicide

In 2017, 17 year-old Ramiro posted a calendar of Femicides, which he kept updated, as many of them are not reported by media. “I decided to do it because no one else would, not the media or the newspapers,” Ramiro told BuzzFeed News. Sad but true.

No one else will do it.

stop femicide in argentina

People want everything done for them, and it is up to we few who stand for something, to rise above it all and DO the work everyone should be doing.

2018 started off with the murder of 4 year-old Abril Sosa. Daniel Ludueña, a 35 year-old friend of the family, kidnapped her, then raped her and smothered her with his hands until little Sosa died. Then he stuffed her into a backpack and walked out into a field behind his house and dumped her like trash. He participated in the searches for the missing baby and three days later her body was found. Luduena had also abused and murdered his sister and his nephew.

12 year-old Facundo Ferreira was shot in the head by police on March 8, 2018. The police say that a group of children were on motorcycles and started shooting at the police. Witnesses say the opposite, as does the family, and evidences. When the family arrived at the scene of the shoot-out, the police told them that Ferreira was taken to the hospital because of injuries from falling off his motorcycle. When the family received the news by phone that he was dead, the police mocked them, making faces and laughing. The family, being from a very poor zone in Argentina, known for police brutality, received threats from the police after this that another bullet is waiting for Ferreira’s brother.  His family stated that Ferreira dreamed of being a famous football star so he could buy a nice home for his family. He had plans to go to the football club after he turned 13, which was a few days after he was murdered. Nothing has been done thus far.

This year, on the 8th of January 2019, Gisel Verela, a 33 year-old police officer, was killed by her ex-partner who violated his restraining order, grabbed her gun and shot her several times, including twice in the face, while she waited for the bus.

26 year-old Anahí Melisa Luna was in the process of court hearings for the death of her first child, in 2016. After giving birth in her home, her mother took Luna to the hospital. Neither of them reported the birth and the doctors discovered during examination that Luna had given birth in the last 2 hours. The baby was found naked and dead in her yard, having been abandoned outside, after being born. In February of 2019 Luna was wither her second child, a 3 month old, when she was butchered by her ex-boyfriend César Matías Carranza, father of both children. On the day of Luna‘s death, the landlord, having heard the entire struggle, as well as Luna screaming and begging for help, eventually called the police, after Carranza was seen leaving the apartment covered in blood. Luna was stabbed 46 times. She was the fourth Femicide in the town, that month.

On April 5, 2019, Antonela Rocío Bernhardt was found murdered by her boyfriend. After having an argument, Cristian Daniel Vargas grabbed a knife and stabber Bernhardt in the neck. Because neighbors acted fast, the police were called immediately and a video of Vargas leaving the area was recorded on a cell phone. The police caught him just blocks away.

On April 7, the 58th victim of Argentinian Femicide in the year 2019, was claimed. 18 year-old Celeste Miranda went missing and was found a day later, dead, on a rural farm. Her clothes were torn and she was beaten severely and raped before she was hung. Once she was dead, her body was dumped in a field. Her boyfriend, Reynaldo Nicolás “Tapeque” Romero, was charged and a man who saw her before she died has also been arrested.

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In March 2019, Vanina Cattáneo was set on fire by her boyfriend. 50% of her body was burned, resulting in her death on March 4. A day later, Haydee García was found in a field. She had been burned to death as well. No arrests have been made. Irma Rodríguez and Natalia Sandoval (unrelated cases) were both shot to death by their boyfriends, who also shot themselves. Rosa González was pushed off of her balcony to her death by her husband, who has been arrested.

Fiorella Aghem went missing March 2nd. Her body was found a couple of days later, in a yerba mate field, by a plantation farmer. 20 year-old Aghem’s face was beaten so badly that it was completely disfigured. After being severely beaten, she was strangled to death with a chord and dumped in the field. Leopoldo R, her boyfriend, was the first suspect but was out of the country by the time the police went looking for him.  His property was searched and blood was found in his car. He was intercepted upon his return to Argentina.

In the second week of March, 37 year-old Liliana González’s remains were found in the bathroom, by police, after neighbors reported the smell. González’s boyfriend, Waldo Servian Riquelme, is suspected, however he disappeared to Paraguay days before the body was discovered. Upon discovery, the police could not determine how many bodies had been dismembered. Riquelme had used a large grinder to dismember Gonzalez. Her head had also been shaved. Parts of Gonzalez’s body were found in the bathroom and others on the upper floor, next to a dog, and there were also remains hidden in the oven of the house.

Though this dead list does little justice to the lives that have been stolen, we hope that by mentioning these very few, you will be able to find the many. This is what the elite want. This is what they enjoy. Death. Waste. Pointless and unforgivable. They love watching humanity destroy itself, doing the elite’s work for them. We kill each other instead of our enemy.

There is no justice to find in this world…

Expect it not.


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