September 14

Escaping America

With the increasing militarization of the United States, of its own borders, not to mention around the world, it becoming increasingly difficult to get a passport as an American citizen.  For those who are trying to leave, you are not alone. An exodus has been occurring and is increasing as we speak. As such the American government has done all it can to make this more and more impossible. Not only are there delays and complications in getting passports, but several thousand dollars must also be paid for your freedom, not to mention the taxes on top of that. In most countries people have passports, but in the USA it is uncommon.  This is what makes it dangerous. No one is prepared for the possibility that they may one day wish to leave for their own safety. If you are not prepared now, your time is running up fast.

It is imperative that Americans get passports and more importantly passports from other countries.  Due to the changes going on in the US and how long and difficult the process is to get a passport, this must be the first action you take.  Below are some links that will give you insight and a lot of good information on how to become a citizen elsewhere, different policies and other useful information.  Simply go to your post office and fill out the form they have to get the process started.  The fees are different for each state but they have all the info online or at their office.

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Get organized. Get all of your important papers, medical records, tax records, all important info copied and safely stored so you will have all the needed documents to relocate at any time.

This is reality. If you are an American citizen and you don’t think Jade Helm is still going on, along with multiple other “drills”, you are sadly sadly unaware.  The fascist government of America will implement martial law. It is simply a matter of time and that time is running out. America is listed as a friendly country around the world and though countries around the world know what is going on with America, their immigration laws are based on that list.  You’re reason must be able to be proven on why you are leaving USA as the statement, “It’s a police state” won’t be accepted by them.  America is friendly, why would you leave?  Once in immigration the process should be quick and easy because you are from USA.  So… Once past the initial hurdle, it seems to be easier.

Please wake up before it’s too late.
Ticket to Freedom.
Ken O’Keefe has tons of solid info and can also be found on twitter and facebook.
This site will tell you a bit about obtaining a second passport, the benefits and why it is so important.
Here is some great information on places you can become a citizen through Jus Sanguinis and about passports based on ancestry.

Also, the Dollar Vigilante has many programs already in place to help with relocation and passports.

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