February 12


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Anonymous is not a game. Fake Anons WILL not be tolerated.

The Rules of the Interwebz are there for a purpose, like IRC, they are vital in order for Anonymous to function properly.

Unfortunately, in our age of fast-paced, ill-educated, cyber society people do not bother to look things up. They are so used to having it all handed to them.  If you are here, you have accomplished something most never will: You have woken up! Below are the Rules everyone who uses the Interwebz MUST know.

1. Do not talk about /b/.
2. Do NOT talk about /b/. No exeptions
3. We are Anonymous.
3.14159265358979323846… . Expect us.
4. Anonymous is Legion.
5. Anonymous does not forgive. Anonymous does not forget.
6. Anonymous can be a horrible, senseless, uncaring monster.
7. Anonymous is still able to deliver
8. There are no real rules about posting.
9. There are no real rules about moderation either — enjoy your ban.
10. If you enjoy any rival sites — DON’T.
11. All your carefully picked arguments can easily be ignored.
12. Anything you say can and will be used against you.
13. Anything you say can be turned into something else. – fixed
14. Do not argue with trolls — it means that they win.
15. The harder you try, the harder you will fail.
16. If you fail in epic proportions, it may just become a winning failure.
17. Every win fails eventually.
18. Everything that can be labeled, can be hated.
19. The more you hate it, the stronger it gets.
20. Nothing is to be taken seriously.
21. Original content is original only for a few seconds before getting old.
22. Copypasta is made to ruin every last bit of originality.
23. Copypasta is made to ruin every last bit of originality.
24. Every repost is always a repost of a repost.
25. Relation to the original topic decreases with every single post.
26. Any topic can be turned into something totally unrelated.
27. Always question a person’s sexual preferences without any real reason.
28. Always question a person’s gender – just in case it’s really a man.
29. On the internet, all girls are men, and all kids are undercover FBI agents.
30. There are NO girls on the internet.
31. TITS or GTFO – the choice is yours.
32. You must have pictures to prove your statements.
33. Lurk moar — it’s never enough.
34. There is porn of it, no exceptions.
34-B. Except Yotsuba
35. If no porn is found of it, it will be made.
36. There will always be more fucked up shit than what you just saw.
37. You can not divide by zero (just because the calculator says so).
38. No real limits of any kind apply here — not even the sky
41. Desu isn’t funny. Seriously guys. It’s worse than Chuck Norris jokes.
42. Nothing is Sacred.
42-B. This is the answer.
43. The more beautiful and pure a thing is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt it.
44. If it’s available, someone will spam it.
45. When one sees a lion, one must get into the car
46. There is furry porn of it. No exceptions.
47. The pool is always closed.
48. A cat is fine too.
49. One cat leads to another.
50. Another cat leads to Zippo Cat.
51. No matter what it is, it is somebody’s fetish. No exceptions.
52. It is delicious cake. You must eat it.
53. It is delicious trap. You must hit it.
54. /b/ sucks today.
55. If you have time to make up new rules, you have no life.
56. They will not bring back Snacks.
57. You will never have sex.
58. It needs more Desu. No exceptions.
59. Fuck Gaston.
60. It needs more pumpkin. No exceptions.
61. Chuck Norris is the exception to Rule #63, no exceptions or else.
62. It has been cracked and pirated. No exceptions.
63. There is always porn of a female version of a male character (and vice versa). No Exceptions.
64. Don’t copy that floppy.
64-B. Beige is not a colour.
64-C. Yes it is, unless you are a lameoid.
64-D. James is black. No exceptions.
65. Anonymous is not your personal army.
66. The cake is a lie.
67. Anonymous does not “buy”, he downloads.
68. Milhouse will never be a meme. Ever. No matter what your post ends with. No exceptions. Ever. No.
69. Nothing is needed to be said. No exceptions.
70. Do not talk about the 100M GET failure.
72. Darth Vader is your father. No exceptions.
73. If there isn’t enough just ask for Moar.
74. If you post it, they will cum.
75. Rule 75 is a lie. OH SHI-
76. Twinkies are the answers to life’s problems.
77. The Flood makes you stupid.
78. It will always need moar sauce.
79. Ceilingcat IS watching you masturbate
80. Interwebz177 did it. No exceptions.
81. Anonymous is a virgin by default.
82. Nobody tells the truth on the Internet
83. Only clusterfucks start edit wars.
84. All rules ARE true, including this one.
85. Retarded rules are forbidden.
86. The term “sage” does not refer to the spice.
87. If you get pepperoni ever again, I swear I’ll blow this joint sky-high!
88. Anonymous rules the internet. No exceptions.
89. Bruce Lee was an hero to us all.
90. It’s never lupus.
91. There is gay porn of it, no exceptions.
92. Chuck Norris is the exception to rule 91. No exceptions.
92-B. Chuck Norris is the exception. No exceptions.
93. Go Fuck Yourself. Anyone who trys to edit rule 93 AGAIN can go read rule 93 AGAIN whil rule 93’ing…. AGAIN!!!
94. Fagicorn rule 93’d while reading rule 93 to a gay bar and everyone in there was rule 93’ing and they all came in fagicorns face. we told you, No Exceptions.
95. Anonymous did NOT, under any circumstances, tk him 2da bar|?
96. If you express astonishment at someone’s claim, it is most likely just a clever ruse.
97. The government, The CIA, Everything is a lie.
98. Only Zippocat is truth.
99. All numbers are at least 100 but always OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAND.
100. Faggotry will not be tolerated.

What have real Anons done to change the world?

Here are a few events we have created.

  • In 2003, a 15-year-old named Christopher Poole creates a chat forum called 4chan. There is one rule on the site: No child porn. People used the site to recruit armies of tricksters for elaborate online pranks, and because the site offers them the option of posting anonymously, they begin to call themselves Anonymous.
  • July 12, 2006 Anons storm into the online multiplayer video game Habbo Hotel, select the same character — a black guy with an afro — and crowd into the pool, essentially blocking the other players from entering it. A year later, on the anniversary of the first raid, they did the same thing all over again.
  • December 2006, Anonymous took down the website of white supremacist radio show host Hal Turner. The attack ended up with Turner paying some very expensive bandwidth bills and dropping a lawsuit a year later.
  • February 10, 2008 Anons are mostly about the “lulz” until 2008 when they organize an “epic” series of protests of Scientology after the organization removes an embarrassing video of Tom Cruise from the Internet. What started out as a prank turns more serious as the protests begin to attract earnest critics of Scientology. But many anons disapprove of the serious tone, and a divide opens up in Anonymous people who care about morals (“moralfags”) and people who are only in it for the laughs, or “lulz” (“lulzfags”).
  • June 13, 2009 After protests break out in Iran some Anonymous create a forum for activists, Iranian dissidents, translators, and journalists. Anons supply the citizens with information about how to hide their identities from the government; the citizens provide reports on the situation on the ground; and the journalists take these reports and pass them on to the public. Anonymous develops a political identity.
  • September 20,2010 An employee of a company that issues warning to online copyright-violators, admits to using Anonymous-style DDoS attacks against piracy sites, and Anonymous strikes back, knocking down the company’s site and several others. As one anon says, not ALL anons are into piracy, but such anti-piracy efforts is an assault on free speech.
  • Dec 8, 2010 WikiLeaks and several major media outlets publish a stash of leaked US diplomatic cables. A week later, several-credit card companies say they’re cutting off donations to WikiLeaks. Anonymous takes down the websites of Visa and PayPal.
  • Dec 17, 2010 Protests break out in Tunisia, and anons create a chat room where they provide Tunisians with software that can be used to get around the government blocks of the Internet. Activists in the chat room also provide Tunisians with information on treating wounds and broken bones.
  • January 25, 2010 The unrest spreads to Egypt, and Anons expand their field of operations to assist Egyptians.
  • In February 2011 Anonymous released user information from a major hacking forum, and security firm Mandiant was able to use this data to link the Chinese military to cyber-attacks against the U.S.
  • February 6, 2011 Aaron Barr, the head of a private intelligence company called HBGary, tells a reporter that he infiltrated Anonymous and identified its leaders. Anons break into his emails and publish about 70,000 of them online. Going through his emails, they learn that he worked on a proposal to help the Bank of American dig up information that could be used to undermine Wikileaks. THERE ARE NO LEADERS
  • April 2011 Anonymous announced their intent to attack Sony websites in response to Sony’s lawsuit against George Hotz and, specifically due to Sony’s gaining access to the IP addresses of all the people who visited George Hotz’s blog as part of the libel action, terming it an ‘offensive against free speech and internet freedom.. Anonymous admitted responsibility to attacks on the Sony websites, “Anonymous” branch AnonOps which is run by FBI and CIA, denied that they were the cause behind a major outage of the PlayStation Network. However, as Anonymous is a leaderless group, the possibility remains that another branch of the group is responsible for the outage, though screenshots of AnonOps promotion of the attack still exist. They constantly honeypot Anons.
  • May 31, 2011 A group of hackers who carried out the attack on Barr branch off into a group called Lulzsec. After the serious business of the Arab Spring, the lulz make a return. The group attacks a wide range of target without any obvious political motive. They expose the names of subscribers to a pornography site — “for the lulz.”
  • September 17, 2011 In the early weeks of the Occupy movement, Anonymous serves as a sort of publicity wing after being infiltrated by CIA agents using its Internet fame to spread word at a time when few traditional media outlets are paying attention. People affiliated with Anonymous also claims credit for digging up and publicizing the personal details of a number of bankers and cops, including Anthony Balogna, the New York police captain who became an inadvertent YouTube villain after firing pepper spray in the faces of two nonviolent female protestors in Manhattan. While there are always true Anons involved in operations, many are infiltrated or run by government agents.
  • December 25, 2011 On Christmas, members of an Anonymous offshoot movement reveals that they broke into the servers of a Texas think-tank called Stratfor, stole subscribers’ credit card numbers, and used them to donate a half million dollars to various charities. Some call them Robin Hoods. Governments call them terrorists.
  • January 19, 2012 The Department of Justice authorizes a raid on MegaUpload, a file-sharing service. Anonymous retaliates by taking down the DOJ website and several others. Some anons call it the biggest attack yet in the escalating war over control of the Internet.
  • January 21, 2012 A series of DDoS attacks on Polish government websites, as revenge for upcoming signing of ACTA agreement by the Polish government, took place, for which the Anonymous took responsibility and referred to as “the Polish Revolution”.
  • February 6, 2012 Anonymous broke into the mail server of the Syrian Ministry of Presidential Affairs, gaining access to some 78 inboxes of Bashar al-Assad’s staffers in the process. One of the email files was a document preparing Assad for his December 2011 interview with ABC’s Barbara Walters. One of the passwords commonly used by Assad’s office accounts was “12345.”
  • July 2012, Anonymous gave over 2.4 million e-mails to Wikileaks.
  • July 2012 Denmark’s trade union 3F came under DDoS attack from Anonymous. The union’s website was down because of the attack for one day.  However, the Danish Corporation Delloitte, who is in the pocket of 3F, took the site down for much longer 1. to create a court case against Anonymous “terrorists” and 2. to work on the system as was planned before th attack took place. The 3f Union attacked the Anons full force, adding charges as they went through trial.  3f claimed it had trouble getting filled benefit card for 30,000 members. 
  • February 10, 2012, Anonymous takes down the Central Intelligence Agency’s website for more than 5 hours.  This followed a conversation leak between FBI and Scotland Yard officials discussing members of Anonymous being put on trial as well as other topics on the group, which took place a week before. On March 6, 2012 Donncha O’Cearbhaill was charged in connection with the leak. He was released 24-hours later. In the United States you can get 3 years in jail for wearing a Guy Fawkes mask.
  • January 2013, the group attacked and defaced the United States Sentencing Commission website turning it into a game page repeatedly after which traffic to the website made it crash following the forced suicide of Reddit co-founder and activist Aaron Swartz by the FBI. Swartz was accused of stealing materials from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with intent to distribute them freely. All charges were dropped within a week however, the American government took the accusation as an opportunity to stalk, harass and charge Swartz with an overwhelming amount of fines and jail time.  Swartz was terrorized by agents until he committed suicide.

There have been a multitude of other ops Anonymous has done over the years, recently OpKKK, releasing 1000 names in a doxx on KKK members who are in Congress, Senate, and all professions.  OpPedoHunt and OpDeathEaters have been successful as one would expect. If you want to be involved with Anonymous but don’t have the skills yet, don’t worry, corruption and injustice will still be filling the earth when you learn what you need to.  Work hard and change the world.