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Pedo Files: Jimmy Wales


Dr Les Sachs
Saturday, April 27, 2019 12:20 AM


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You people at Newsguard – and in particular you, Mr Danish ex-Nato chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen – need to be fully aware of the child rape crime history involving your seemingly well-connected Jimmy Wales, whose close aides and lawyer, are proven to have sent hate mail in an international child-rape, extortion, race-hate, and terrorism scheme, with what seems to be Wales’ personal encouragement.

It seems that when Wales was selling p-rnography, he showed his willingness to help rape and harm children and totally destroy innocent victims, which is why he was selected by the intel people to run this long-standing scam.

The Wales operations face criminal indictment, and as well a new sanctions programme for the necessary defence of EU citizens, who have been frequently harmed by the Wales network of liars and child-rape criminals whom Wales has been fostering.

The crimes of the Wales team are well-known to staff at the EU Commission and Parliament, and right now I am working with EU staff on a much-needed proposal, to totally terminate anonymity on so-called ‘encyclopaedias’ and ‘internet reference sources’, which of course at times turn out to be run by child-rape and intel-agency manipulators, such as those of Wales.

Every page of a site like Wikpedia, needs to be signed by a real verified individual who can then be subject to EU arrest warrants, and face the consequences of her or his lying. As it stands now, child rape criminals protected by Wales, enjoy arrogant abuse of their victims and taunt victims they are helping threaten to murder, regarding their apparent helplessness under Wiki’s dominance, in violation of EU and other key human rights protocols.

Anonymity on the internet is fine, but not in a ‘reference’ source … otherwise it becomes a tool for intel manipulators and child-rape gangs with political connections, i.e., with people like Jimmy Wales.

As a curiosity, the Wales crimes were in a recent US Justice Dept file, which was a key item in shutting down the impeachment attempts at US President Trump by the corrupt Mueller, who received profits from the same child-rape gang Wales allowed for years to operate on his site.

You all are of course a group with your own strong political and intel-agency connections … but you are on the wrong side of history here by having on your team, the oily creator of child-rape tools Jimmy Wales, helping paedophiles and racists and terrorists to be ‘anonymous’ whilst committing their crimes.

Inform yourselves with some of the material in the hands of European Commission staff:

‘Report to EU Police Agencies and Prosecutors on Wikipedia Fraud Against European Citizens’

‘Report on evidence of felonies violating Civil Rights, and bribery by foreign agents …’ with a section on Wikipedia’s ugly role in these terrorist felonies.

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