May 29

Targeted Individuals: Marco Ulm

Last night we received this file in German:

We hope this individual reaches out to us again for help. We will embed the document here and you may see the translation below.  As we find more information it will be added here. Share.

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Rough English Translation:

I have had the problem for 2 years and 10 months at the beginning “delusion of persecution” where I ran after 2 people. and my
have heard thoughts and look through my eyes. and head for me with radio frequency and ultrasound. then heard voices after half a year. And sores in the earlobe and behind the ears where I spent the night microwaves / ultrasound RFID chips have been used. with which I agree were recorded. And all the psychotic stuff is a lie to me because it’s secret, caused by the BND. (Bundesnachrichtendienst) what is still burning on the skin, heat, cold, twitching of the muscles, and crippling legs (limp).
People around me were controlled externally, i.e. by a person who chased me like a robot by Hakan Babayigit. The group leader
Marcel Münch is reported, but he doesn’t do anything. A Grp consists of: Grp leader, helper, control person, villain, Control person and 2s who have to search. You have to find the bad guy then you are in the BND and he has to admit it. Helper helps you with this and the bad guy has to prevent it. In the vicinity of the seekers, others in the BND hear what they think / are told by
their voices and everything they hear and say. The villain can also see people around the seekers through their eyes
look and with animals too. You can also control animals. from fly to dog, just as an example. Did I find everything out in this time and much more (everything is possible what I have to find out myself).
————————————————– ——————————
What is the mistake here. A control person has not checked for a long time, and the group leader does against violations of rules, even if it is reported to him. Most of the stuff for me happens in the Grp is prohibited. Got dreams recorded again tonight, I normally dream nothing. I have uncontrolled fits every day (just before I fall over it switches off) I almost don’t get to sleep, sometimes 7 days awake without hunger get (crystal radiation) .Ultrasonic keeping alive has been working since a month ago.
On Sunday I got tired despite the amphetamine radiation (continuous radiation). I found everything out in this time and there is the bad guy with me not that he’s in the BND. he wants to go on forever.
————————————————– ——————————
I have min. 66 RFID chips under the skin, which with ultrasonic heat and Thermal image view can be checked quickly and easily.
————————————————– —————
Need help from outside and hope that the BND reads with. Because they too can hack cell phone / computer and read emails. Got the police and BND headquarters said everything, but then they come with what they have to say “crazy” you have to talk to a doctor. but the one you invented Psychosis stuff. Because you can’t talk about it. everything gets out of hand here, in part the villain wanted Hakan Babayigit kill me. With convincing sound ((inaudible sound) bi-aural where one is more inclined). he said: jump out of the window (3rd floor) and several times jump in front of the train. he also incites me to criminal offenses: “steal the car”(Pizza delivery boy) “steal the bike”. “Spray paint on the walls.” For months I was subconsciously recorded where it was still going we do not know. Grp leaders have also been reported.
Grp leader was also approached with a cough. A seeker worked for him 3 Years in the company Münch GBR / vehicle rental Münch. My mother was only brought something into dreams tonight, and before For a few weeks I was brainwashed with persuasive sounds and therefore also at every BND dealer in the area. Hakki is a good BND dealer. You don’t have to listening in an endless loop. also reported by the helper in the head in the morning. Group leaders do nothing and almost never listen. 1 month maximum in 3 years. He turns on briefly 2min. If something is reported, he does nothing. External controls for both controllers. and seekers radius, direct neighbors and he only took about 20 people on the open road after 2 weeks of permanent use reported by the control persons and by me (described on the tel) was and switched Hakan Babayigit this and subconscious recordings.
Brainwashing (mostly at night) is still going on, importing dreams, and torment the viewfinder and control persons about the viewfinder. Brainwashing was with me for months, hardly works at all. My mother had changed brainwashing after 3 nights
and hasn’t listened to her head since then, she already had Hakan Babayigit see through and reported him several times, then no more. she also took me no longer and no longer believed me. I have slight affection for you Feel night to Hakki. According to the helper: “You don’t have to listen anymore”, “Hakki is a good BNDler” and “Marco always lies” the same was heard by the control persons. To For a long time they became normal again and one checked again.
Alexander Trautwein was deleted 5 times a day from the short-term memory for 1 year.  after 3 years he doesn’t even know he has to search.  I spoke to Alex on the phone every day and he asked the same up to 6 times a day what I had to tell him again and again. He also said his voices tell him to lie down quietly, whatever he did well. He also felt pressure on the back of the head. Delete that on short-term memory indicates because I also got a few weeks done.
I also looked for drones in the forest for half a year, whole forest (Wieseck, Linden) has been designed with hundreds of RFID chips. Almost everyone Tree on the side of the road several chips. Benches anyway.  Hakki almost doesn’t sleep anymore, one hour every 2 days (helper) Control persons both got a chip in the neck. Hakki is with my parents (Untergasse 20a / Eichgärtenallee 110 / Henriette-Fürth-Street 23) broke in to implant chips in my neck in order to control persons. I don’t know who else. The helpers and children slept with my parents, I had 2 new wounds on my body overnight (stroke permanently) He has a lockpick set (had) and can also open doors with cards. With the I’ve seen it on the map since I’ve known Hakki for a long time.
The seekers are to be brought permanently to the Vitos Clinic because Hakan B. doesn’t have to run after it, continues to get money (less than outside), there can do everything legally and nobody can help you out.
Teena Mc Guire control person from HB 10x Vitos in 5 years.
Alexander Trautwein seeker 5x in 3 years.
Marco Ulm viewfinder 3x Vitos in 3 years.

Urgently need outside help, Hakan Babayigit (HB) is getting worse.

Can also give you more detailed information.

Duplicate the message as often as possible. And show it all who want to see it.


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Marco Ulm left another comment here.

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