August 15

Surviving Martial Law

Greetings Citizens facing Martial Law,

As we watch the world change and know the direction it is headed, we hope this will help those who will be very soon under martial law. Unlike the countries of the rest of the world, America devastates other countries but knows no devastation. The citizens are entirely oblivious to everything around themselves personally, let alone nationally, and especially worldwide. Besides their basic ignorance, they are generations of poisoned people. Like the rest of the world.

The American government has, for many decades now, done human experimentation on the population. In cities, releasing viruses, anthrax, and nuclear waste. They have done hundreds of Nuclear, Scalar and Weather Attacks across the countryside, successfully destroying the earth with radiation poisoning. The air has been filled daily with toxic metals, for a decade now. Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering, also known as Chemtrails, is why the sky is always covered in a silver haze. What is in the air is in the earth and water. The chemicals are known to alter DNA: blood, sperm, eggs, brain function, ability to learn, ability to use logic. They not only don’t leave the body, unless you can detox fully, (which is impossible without Real food and Real water and Real air) but Chemtrails conduct electricity and are able to be controlled with endless frequencies given off by HAARP and CERN. (Now being sold as Climate CHANGE and world wide.)

This means YOUR government can control YOU through these electric frequencies, which affect your brain and body and can kill you. Everyone reacts differently to chemicals and frequencies. The dose of Chemtrail the people are consuming, are not measured. The education of the public school American student is that of China a few decades ago. They are raised not to learn, only obey. The only real differences between the governments of North Korea and America are that the people of North Korea have to smoke marijuana by law, every single day. Also the North Korean people have to listen to techno music, blasting from speakers around the country, all day every day, to brainwash themselves. In America the government decided not to irritate itself in that way, but simply brainwash their people in the comfort of their own homes, using the daily programming of TV and the drugs they create. The entire country is contaminated and the people are drugged zombies.

As they create the diseases, killing their people, America is also notorious for it as vaccines, which cause autism, sudden infant death syndrome, seizures, death, epilepsy, asthma, cancer, and many other lifelong disorders. Wonder why you are sick and overweight and depressedWonder no more.

With all of this in mind, and much more we cannot cover here (for the sake of time), we can see how the population will not survive on its own. If another country should save them,  they will never accept being governed by a foreigner. Not even to stabilize themselves. They have been programmed that THEY are the best, and all Gentiles are below. In a country so oblivious, if you wish to survive, you will have to work for it.

Let’s look into some things you must know, in order to survive martial law.USA police state martial law

To start off, it is always best to have a group of like-minded people you can trust around you; people who can help you store food, weapons, or help with other survival needs. Above all, people you can TRUST to work together to survive. You will have to learn survival skills.  It takes time and dedication. See our Library for more!

Being a part of humanity means hard work. Only when we work together, can we accomplish anything of lasting value. This will be hardest of all, as people are trained to be taken care of and to roll over if anything gets hard. America is a spoiled nation and the citizens aren’t effected by suffering around them, unless it is themselves, personally. This eliminates the ability to plan and prepare.

Hunger, thirst, health, all of these weapons will be used against you, and people are easily swayed. With that said, there comes a word of extreme caution. Keep a low profile and keep your mouth shut. People are used by the government to snitch on you: children, neighbors, co-workers, school friends, and relatives are used by military police and governments to betray those who are not in line with the Agenda. Free thinkers. Preppers. Dissidents. Homeschoolers. People who speak the truth. People who eat healthy, do not vaccinate and much more. So keep your mouth shut (about details regarding your preparation plans), outside those in your very trusted circle. Everyone you speak to holds your life and safety in their hands.  Stay away from people you do not fully and deeply trust.  Do not believe anything the military, police, or government tells you, unless they tell you they will kill you. Your survival is more important than obeying any dictate.

They are already starting to shut down airlines and airports. If you do not have a passport, get one now.  You will have little time to do so, and already the possibility of you receiving the passport is slim. Many apply and wait, only to be rejected, robbed or led in circles of paperwork. Get a passport now. Seriously, get a passport now. There is no glory in Patriotism. Ask the people in Germany who did not prepare beforehand and had no option to save themselves from torture, experimentations, and death. There are no heroes among the dead, no Patriots, no glory. Get the passport before the option is gone. Even if you don’t intend to use it. This is an item you need for survival is made illegal, get the item and keep it safe. This means buried underground or stored in a place it will not be found by anyone or anything. Store ammunition, store water, store food, store medical supplies. Assume you will be unable to buy anything when martial law is in place.

Of course, this will all happen slowly, it is happening now across the country.  Slowly so you do not notice, until it is too late and you can do nothing. It is likely that whatever you store, unless it is hidden safely, will be confiscated. This is already happening. The stores will be empty quickly and they will not be refilled, because the dollar is collapsed and no one will trade with America. America is already forced to turn away the ships that come in, because America has no money. Store vitamins, herbs, cotton, and painkillers. Once the government implements rations, store additionally whatever rations you can spare. Avoid cameras. If a store has an increased amount of cameras, do not go there. If a stretch of town has cameras on the street lights, go around. Once you learn the police and military patrol routes, you can avoid them as well as neighbors and others who would see or want to talk to you. (In Martial Law) Never tell them the truth, unless you trust them with your life.

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Be aware of what others could see. Have no patterns or routine that can be easily picked up by others. Do not be rounded up by the government. Do not believe them. Do not let anyone take you or anyone you know away. This could be your final battlefront. Fight for your freedom. You have already been told about the FEMA camps and lists that are already made, labeling each of you as an enemy or a subject under Martial Law.  If you find you have been rounded up or put in a camp, do whatever you can to help everyone survive. Help those around you and teach them your skills. Learn others skills. Plan. Only together can you survive. You know the playbook the government uses, we have seen it all before in WWI, WWII… Since we are in World War III, once again the United States of America has fired up the concentration camps.

fema camp martial law

For the last year now, cities across the nation have undergone blackouts, military imposition, police militarization, curfews, and roundups. Many states are already under Martial Law and it grows, as we speak, including: New York, Maryland, Georgia, Louisiana, Puerto Rico, and Florida. Hundreds of thousands of people have already been taken to the camps. They are fitted with a mandatory RFID chips and not allowed to leave the camp.

The American government has recently initiated a recall on the military. jade helm martial law

They are activating ALL military personnel, including recruiting retired veterans. ”The better to control you with, my dear.” Social Security is being cut, and disability as well. Already it has been stripped from certain groups of mentally and physically disabled people. Money will be worthless, get things of value to trade. The majority of the population will erupt in chaos and violence, stay away from populated areas. We have seen enough Zombie Apocalypse movies by now to get the general idea. Assume you will be living in a tent, at some point. Do not wait to evacuate, learn everything you need to know to survive in the wild: how to purify water; how to avoid being tracked by heat sensors and dogs; how to make traps and other useful things; learn first aid, CPR, and other medical care. You must be self-sufficient.

Eventually, you will have to always keep moving, so learn now. Train your kids, do drills, eat well now, and get fit. Be able to crawl on your stomach and wait in silence. Patience and cautiousness will help you. Learn how to fish. You can maybe learn better if it is fun, so plan a camping trip with some close friends or your family and learn survival skills together. Even if your friends or family do not understand what is really going on, you can help them without them knowing. When they realize what is happening and they see the skills you have taught them, then they may become great allies in your survival. If you are able to form or join a resistance, then your skills will be needed and only together will you be able to overthrow the Martial Law.

There must be a secure form of communication between you and those you trust. You must create ensure it is free of wiretapping and spyware.  Back to the days of using clever children to deliver messages through letters or memory, finding a secret hole in the ground, or a tree to leave mail for another to receive. You will have to learn to be creative, in all areas of life. Take the way covered with the most trees and bushes. Stay off the beaten path and cover your tracks, make safe campsites. If you are being tracked, be composed. Learn what you can eat in the wild: insects, plants, fruits, berries. They can easily lead to sickness and death and may look very similar. Be aware of what you can eat. Buy a pocket guide to identify them. Get clothing that will help you keep you warm and dry with many pockets. Have hidden pockets and everything you can. THIS is easy and you can find videos on how to do it. Keep things lightweight. Learn how to make a charger using old car parts so you can gather an assemble as needed and charge things. Get your gear solar powered as much as you can. Knives and useful tools, socks, make a survival bag wisely, and ahead of time. Keep that in your garage or car so it is easily accessible. Do not purchase items with a personal credit card, always be prepared for future troubles. There is no need to panic or fear. We only need to educate ourselves.

Through knowledge fear is destroyed.

Learned how to survive and take care of yourselves. You must act. It is very difficult to be active every day when you are under such constant brainwashing from medias and phones, as well as physically attacked by biological warfare agents in deadly food. If you are able to eat well and minimize the chemicals put in you, you will have more energy and focus. Start drinking a lot of Alkaline water. Start small and set a schedule for yourself, if that helps you start. Go for a walk every day,even if it’s short. Build up. Soon you will not have the choice of going for a walk or not.

Do your research. Don’t be naive. You must look through various sources and find the sources that are truthful and helpful. Learn to survive on your own. Don’t spend money on anything unless it is vital to your survival. If you have the ability to get land and housing off the grid, then do so. You could be an important part of an underground ”railroad” system. Many are in place already.

The Dollar Vigilante in-particular, already has a system set up for an event such as this, as well as relocation services. Think and research and make a list of items you will need. Then do more research on those items and make a new list with fewer items. Get the list a small and condensed as possible, still including everything you need to survive. Your list will be smaller the more you learn your survival skills.

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Find the news outlets who give the most truth. No media is completely true, but if you stop feeding the fear and lies from the government programming box. Read articles from alternate and private news blogs, at least then the amount of lies and propaganda you have consumed, will be lessened. You will soon be able to see the truth through the lies for yourself, and find even better sources for solid information. There are many places online and communities you can become involved in to learn and get to know others who are awake and preparing to survive.

Now, how you can overthrow Martial Law once it has been imposed on you…

If you are able start a Free State Project in your area, if you can get your town to break free, then together you can have a huge impact and, with hard work, it could spread. Learn the surrounding areas, at very least memorize where back roads lead, caves, abandoned houses, or large forests. Know where you can hide or meet fellow citizens in safety when planning a resistance. Train with those you can. You will have to constantly learn and work to survive and win. There are endless amounts of materials on equipment needed for a resistance, so we will not cover it here.

Recruiting will become necessary. The only strength, is strength in numbers, which is why Anonymous says: ”We are legion.” We are a multitude of freedom fighters and truth speakers and lovers of humanity. United in the idea. That is why we are strong. However, as Anonymous content has been infiltrated, so can you and your groups be, on the ground. Be aware of those you let in. Trust no one, unless you trust them with your very life. But don’t be afraid to take opportunities. It is hard to know, in certain moments, what to do. Listen to yourself. If something does feel wrong, then there is usually something wrong. Those in positions of power will be in a state of terror, or power.

Keep in mind, most people will do anything to save not you, but themselves. The ones who will be rounded up fastest, will be those who will not go along with the government’s plans. The ones who will be most helpful to a resistance. However, once you have become a part of or formed your own resistance, you can plan on how to save them. This is also why you must be careful to know who you are recruiting. Consider having a very rigid chain of command, to keep sensitive information out of knowledge of recruits, until they are trusted fully. You must learn to think of every possible outcome, of every action you take. With your learn survival skills and the help of your companions, your logic and planning will help keep you alive. If you are able to get to the border, and you have a passport, this will be a dangerous road. With the help of other resistance in underground groups, you will be able to get across safely. The sooner you cross the border, the better. For those who stay, if you have trained and learned the survival skills and prepared and planned, you will be ready. You will know what to do when the time comes.

We are Anonymous. We are here to wake you up. We are here to fight with you.

Be Anonymous.

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