April 26

Notre Dame in Flames

Greetings world.

Today we will discuss the burning of Notre-Dame, meaning “Our Lady”.

notre dame

Before we get to that, let’s review some key historical points. As we laid out in our document EL: The Bloodlines, long ago the elite bloodline split, leaving a solid line which remained and grew in Rome, creating the Roman Empire and merging with the Egyptian elite bloodline, ending it. Meanwhile the other strand went traveling, splintering off in many other lands, then circling back up through Scandinavian before settling in the Baltic/Germanic region. While the Roman line built an empire and crowned it’s Caesars, the Germanic group grew and divided and eventually invaded France. Shortly after taking control of the France region, the bloodline invaded Rome, successfully toppling the Empire. Then the breeding-into-ruling-bloodlines-across-the-world began and we have the elite ruling structure we see today divided into several main groups: the public rulers (puppets and/or descendants of the bloodlines), the lower elite (what we know as the banking families, still in public view who fund the propaganda and politicians. Controlling the mental and social structure.), the upper elite (what used to be the papal (Roman) bloodline which is now no longer in public view but conduct all clubs and lower elite from the shadows. Controlling the organized religion, spiritual, and multi-domain structure.), and the elect (those who rule from places of captivity under the ground and off of the earth, through entities which control the elite). We focus mostly on Rome and the upper elites as the lower elites have been exposed as much as they possibly could already. They have been so easily exposed because they are not as significant as the upper elite. They have power, yes, power which is controlled and given to them by the upper elite. They are distractions, keeping many focused on the banking families so they never look further to see the real controllers, the ones with ultimate, unchecked power.

We know the societies created by Rome, mainly the knight sects and Jesuits. However, France has also been a hot-spot for the elite. The secret societies the lower elite use such as Illuminati, Freemasonry (the sub-sect of Illuminati), and the Priory of Sion (which evolved into the Jesuits), were born there. One of the more recent secret societies born in France was the Order of the Solar Temple was started by started by Joseph Di Mambro and Luc Jouret in 1984. Both men were organizers of a few “new age” cults, including the Amenta Club and the Golden Way Foundation (previously named La Pyramide). The Order of the Solar Temple cult states its goals are: assisting humanity through a great “transition” (enlightenment AKA destruction), preparing for the “Second Coming” of a solar god-king (Lucifer), and furthering a unification of all Christian churches and Islam (the One world religion). They claim to draw their beliefs from Luciferian Aleister Crowley, who created the Order of Eastern Temple. Let us not forget that Crowley, like so many other elite puppets, exposed his horror, upon realizing truth, in his final words stating: “I am perplexed. Satan, get out.”  So the same goes for his disciple Anton LaVey, whose final words were: “I was wrong with what I did in this life”.   Charles Darwin also exposed his fabrications for what they were on his death bed and on the list goes.  It is always easy to find truth, but most will not accept it until it is too late.  Somehow people continue to follow their teachings, even though they have all been exposed.

In October 1994, the Order of the Solar Temple cult ritually sacrificed an infant by being stabbing it repeatedly with a wooden stake. A few days later, the cult in Western Switzerland performed a ritual mass suicide. The things people who blindly follow do…pathetic. 15 inner circle members committed suicide with poison, 30 were killed by bullets or smothering, and 8 others were killed by other causes. Many of the victims were found in a secret underground chapel lined with mirrors and other items of Templar symbolism. In December 1995, 16 cult members’ bodies were discovered in a star-formation in the Vercors mountains of France. It was found later that two of them shot the others and then committed suicide by firearm and immolation. One of the dead included Olympian Edith Bonlieu.

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The Société Angéliqué was the foundation that cults including the Priory of Sion, and the Thule Society developed out of. The Society of the Rights of Man was another Jacobin sect made in France. Riots were organized by the group which grew so large, it took 13,000 police and 4 days of fighting to subdue it. All people living in an apartment block in the Rue Transnonain, had been massacred in the firefight. In 1835, member Giuseppe Marco Fieschi, and 2 others, attempted an assassination on King Louis Philippe I using an “infernal machine” consisting of 20 gun-barrels bound and detonated together. Although 17 people died, the King survived. Fieschi was guillotined. Founded by Jesuit Victor Drevon and baron Alexis de Sarachaga, the Catholic cult, Hiéron du Val d’Or (meaning “Sanctuary of the Golden Valley”), was created in 1873. As the creators died off and new ones took over the leadership was bounced from mystic esoteric occultists to Islam and New Age ideologies. One leader, Paul Le Cour, became a precursor to the New Age movement, with his 1937 writing, The Age of Aquarius.

A bit of Notre Dame history:

notre damenotre dame temple of isis

In 250 BC, a Celtic Parisian tribe the Romans called Parisiis settled in Gaul (France). The celts settled on an island surrounded by the Seines, which they named Lucotocia. There they built a temple to their goddess Isis. There they would perform their secret rites of the goddess, whose statue could be found there. This Temple of Isis was rebuilt into Notre-Dame. (Yet people actually think this is a christian site!)

During the Gallo-Roman era, 2000 years ago, Paris was renamed Lutetia by Julius Cesar. The name was later changed to Paris, the name of a prince who was in love with Helen of Troy. After Troy, Paris returned to his island in France and renamed the city Paris. (Parisiis. Par Isis. Paris) In 38 AD under the reign of Caligula, it was consecrated as the great Roman temple in the Field of Mars, to Isis Campensis. From this point forward, wherever Rome went to conquer with its Eagle (Gaul, Britain, Germany, America) the cult of the goddess Isis would replace all other deities and religions.

Construction on Notre-Dame began in 1163 during the reign of King Louis VII and was completed in 1345. In 1160 Maurice de Sully (Bishop of Paris) orders the original temple demolished. In 1163 the Cornerstone was laid in the presence of King Louis VII and Pope Alexander III. The Crown of Thorns was given to King Louis IX, during the Crusades in 1238, by the Latin Emperor of Constantinople. Until that time it had been kept in Jerusalem. It was then placed in the cathedral in 1231 by King Louis IX, during the construction of the Sainte-Chapelle. Under Notre Dame, is one of the largest Gallo-Roman necropolises. 

In the 1300’s a metal smith named Biscornet did intricate and breathtaking work, creating the main doors of the Cathedral. He was found unconscious on the floor, with the project mysteriously completed in record time. It was believed he had made a pact with the devil in order to make such remarkable, detailed work. When the doors were put in place they would not open, it is said they were inexplicably sealed shut, until the priest sprinkled holy water on them. Biscornet died suddenly as soon as the doors were finished. To this day they are known as the “cursed doors”.

In 1548, rioting Huguenots vandalized the cathedral. King Louis XIV, on the insistence of his father, Louis XIII, decided in 1699 to make extensive modifications to Notre-Dame. Louis Antoine de Noailles, Archbishop of Paris, extensively modified the roof of Notre-Dame in 1726, renovating its framing and removing the gargoyles with lead gutters.

In the 1860’s after the Revolution had destroyed much of the cathedral, French architect Eugene Viollet-le-Duc, was chosen to restore it. The spire of Notre Dame Cathedral was built with 500 tons of oak and 250 tons of lead. Breathing fumes can cause lead poisoning, which causes serious health issues. notre dame lead

Children are particularly sensitive to lead poisoning, which can lead to effects on the central nervous system, causing serious behavioral problems and mental retardation.

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During the French Revolution in the 1790’s, Notre Dame was declared the church an atheist temple, which it is and always has been. All 20 of its bells, except the huge 1681 bourdon called Emmanuel, were were removed and melted down to make cannons. The bells have been replaced several times now, but Emmanuel remains. After the cathedral was plundered, Notre Dame was renamed the Cult of Reason, and then to the Cult of the Supreme Being, and its statues were replaced with images of Enlightenment philosophers, for example the statues of Mary were replaced with statues of Lady Liberty (goddess of sexual promiscuity). It was used to hold festivals of enlightenment and atheism where women would dress seductively and dance to Revolutionary songs.

Notre-Dame regained its status as a Roman Catholic cathedral in 1801 when the new ruler, Napoleon Bonaparte held his coronation in it. He was crowned by Pope Pius VII.

In 2013, a hive of honey-producing bees was placed on the roof of the sacristy, the bees were saved from the fire. We have already discussed the elite’s bee symbolism before, so we will not repeat here. Outside Notre Dame, where all roads of France lead, there is a small circular marker with an eight-point booze star embedded in the cobblestone, the significance of which has also been exposed previously.  Notre-Dame is just another one of the many buildings designed and constructed by a combination of Rosicrucian’s and Freemasons. The hidden symbolism in the architecture is worth noting such as the multitude of triangular elongations, the 47 degree hutch, and the eye and the sun fitted in a triangle. Just like the elite’s buildings in Rome and elsewhere.

Another interesting note, the 12 apostles’ statues (which are the most valuable) were removed from Notre-Dame one day before the false flag attack, along with rose colored glass and window coverings. A fire is no fun if there’s too much stuff hiding it from cameras.

Before we continue on the fire, let us take a peek at France’s ruler.

Emmanuel Macron is the puppet ruler, controlled by the banking family of Rothschild AKA the Crown. When Macron was 15, he met and became involved with his 36 year-old French teacher, Brigitte Trogneux. Already married with 3 kids of her own, this is a textbook ‘handler’ situation for grooming an elite puppet. Macron went to Lycée Henri IV high school, in Paris and then onto the École Nationale D’Administration, considered an elite feeder school. Macron graduated at the top of his class in 2004. He did not forget Trogneux and they were married in 2007. Throughout his political career, Macron has relied on Trogneux, who was also his campaign adviser.

Macron is said to be gay, which is no surprise as all elite and elite puppets are (Hillary Clinton, Barry Obama, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, Jay-Z, Leo Varadkar, Will Smith, Elio Di Rupo, and everyone else). Their master is a fag, so the elites are fags, and on down the hierarchy it flows, and as we see today, they have succeeded in brainwashing your kids into believing they are fags too. This is how it goes. You want to know the elite, know what they believe and who they serve.

Macron made his fortune from the Rothschild’s. He earned a total of $3.5 million while working at Rothschild & Cie. His net worth is now $31.5 million. Macron was appointed as an adviser to the Hollande government in 2012, becoming the economics minister in 2014. He attempted to raise the tax 75%, which made him popular, for the wrong reasons. His tax hiking affair has not stopped since he was put in office in France. Working on politics for foreign countries is always a good way to prepare for leadership of one’s own…No longer is it considered treason. (Though it is.)

The French public has been quite upset about President Macron, since he campaigned. He won over Marine Le Pen, who was publicly preferred. The campaign and its results are parallel to those of the American election. During that election time it seems a great many leaders elected had been involved in the same campaign circus, though of course American propaganda on it’s own helped to stifle most other countries’ shenanigans. Then along came the Yellow Vests and a few other protest movements. Peter Koenig has remarked about this asking,

“Could it be that the Yellow Vests protests, though starting on genuine premises of ‘enough is enough’, were gradually converted in an orchestrated effort to push public hatred for Macron to a point where he is no long a tenable leader?”

That is how they play the game. Once the Yellow Vest movement gained momentum, as a peaceful protest, it suddenly turned violent. Who’s trademark is that? That’s right, our old friend, George Soros. That is what he is in charge of. Discrediting through infiltration: turning peace into war: perverting and corrupting natural positivity to negativity. So this is just more of his same tired agendas we have exposed time and time again.

Sarkozy, who was put on trial for his corruption, and Macron, have both been busy boys and as their background would be a story all on it’s own, we will turn the focus back to the burning of the cathedral. At the time of the Notre-Dame fire Macron was scheduled to speak on TV his State of the Union, which was, of course, moved. Macron’s Republic on the March (LRM) and the neo-fascist National Rally (RN) suspended their European campaigns.  Europe1 radio stated,

“In one hour, a holy union was formed. There were no discordant notes in the call for national unity, except maybe Jean-Luc Mélenchon because he asked Emmanuel Macron to be quiet for a few days.”

notre dame


After France pinned the attack on ISIS AKA CIA (who could have seen that coming), Macron stated Paris Is Beheaded.” The patsy, a woman, had been arrested before the attack.

Whether it is because Israel preferred Le Pen to Macron or not, Macron was never popular to the public. At least France has revolted and overthrown it’s rulers so many times, the people are not afraid of doing it again. People of integrity. This is the right and duty of the people, to destroy corruption, especially when it sits in ruling offices.

Hopefully a much needed revolt will soon come to Europe.

notre dame in flames



As Notre Dame burned, the former French Culture Minister under Mitterand, Jack Lang, takes a selfie from the terrace of the Arab World Institute in Paris where he is a director.




Simultaneously, Michelle Obama was on a luxury Paris river cruise as Notre Dame burned, the cathedral on fire is seen reflected in her wine glass.




As we know, it’s always about the money. Privatizing always makes more money than public, as we have learned from America’s capitalist, monopolistic, greedy, “me-first” society. The French state was making at least 4 million euros a year but only saving 2 million euros (the amount spent last year to restore the spire) for the maintenance of Notre-Dame, which survives on donations to pay only 70 employees who supervise the tourists, as well as organize 8 masses a day. There has been a push to privatize the historical building, which will be all the more appealing now. In order to do this, the French state refused to foot the €100 million bill for the renovation. Pinault (Gucci, St. Laurent) pledged $168 million from his personal fortune for the restoration. Arnault (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) doubled down, pledging €200 million. Patrick Pouyanne, chief of executive of French oil giant Total, offered another $150 million. Nissan and Apple and a great many more have come forward with huge donations to restore the building.  Roux de Bézieux states,

It’s a real moment of national unity.”

In keeping up the racism agenda, South Africa-based journalist Simon Allison tweeted,

“In just a few hours today, €650m was donated to rebuild Notre Dame. In six months, just €15 million has been pledged to restore Brazil’s National Museum. I think this is what they call white privilege.”

Approximately 3-5.5 million citizens of France are of African descent, this does not include the last few years of migrant flooding from Africa itself into France. Not to mention that it is illegal for the French State to collect data on ethnicity, making it a very low guesstimate by all sources who gather this information. In the end it never matters what the numbers are, because the agenda and propaganda for it, is what matters. Creating an issue of race when we are all only one race. Turning beauty into filth. Positive into negative. Perversion. Destruction.

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A Jewish Rabbi stated that the fire was payback for when France burned Talmuds in front of Notre Dame 777 years ago. Rabbi Bentzi Gopstein states:All Churches must be destroyedand is a huge supporter of church burning. The Talmud, which the Quran was written from 100 years later, encourages pedophilia and cannibalism. Obviously, the Muslims share the same violent sentiments.

At the same time that Notre-Dame was burning in France, a Mosque was burning in Jerusalem.  The events are identical. 875 French churches were vandalized in 2018. Church vandalism and burning has been increasing in the recent years as migrants flood Europe to destroy it. Roughly 2 churches a day are vandalized in France. On March 17, Paris’ second largest church, Saint-Sulpice, burst into flames. The fire damaged doors and stained glass windows on the building’s exterior and was not accidental. Then the church of Notre-Dame in Dijon, in the east of the country, suffered the sacking of the high altar and the statues were taken, scattered on the ground, and trampled.

Just days after Notre-Dame burned, Marc Lamparello was arrested for attempting to burn down St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. Lamparello taught at New York City’s Lehman and Brooklyn colleges and Seton Hall University in New Jersey. He had bought an escape ticket back to Rome. We see also on Easter weekend the church attacks in Sri Lanka. This will only increase as true Christians must flee for their lives. The elite are coming for all who know the truth, which makes Christians most dangerous.  It is only just beginning.

This false flag was just in time for the Ides of March, an occult holiday represented by fire. Though the twin towers of the cathedral are not identical twins, the similarities between the twin towers of 9-11 and the towers of Notre-Dame remain. The same script was used, just edited to accommodate. As we know the way it goes with these events we know Israel must be involved, along with fire accelerators, chemicals and more. Insurance and monies are always a focal point, so we must watch who funds the French government’s historical site.

The Ides of each month were sacred to Jupiter, the Romans’ supreme deity. The Flamen Dialis, Jupiter’s high priest, led the “Ides sheep” in procession along the Via Sacra to the arx, where it was sacrificed. After the death of Christ, Rome could not control the anarchal society created by this, and changed to the Imperial Empire. At the same time, the Ides were changed to a “holy week” of festivals celebrating Cybele and Attis. Attis was a demon personified as a shepherd who bore both male and female attributes. We know this is Lucifer and his crew, who are all hermaphrodites, just like Jupiter, Saturn, Set, Osiris, Minos. But I digress…

Attis was raised by a man-goat (Pan) and was betrothed. But he fell in love with mother goddess Cybele (AKA Isis, Diana, Gaia, Rhea, Demeter). We know the fallen lusted over women, which they then decided to capture and rape, doing genetic alterations to them and producing their offspring the Nephilim. As always the original history can always be found in the elite’s twisted versions, if you know how to interpret them. During the marriage, Cybele appeared, in her transcendent power, and Attis went mad and cut off his genitals. Attis is said to have incurred the wrath of Zeus, who sent a boar to kill Attis. Attis’ castration was mentioned by Oscar Wilde in his poem “The Sphinx”, where he states:

“And Atys with his blood-stained knife were better than the thing I am.”

The most well known event in history which happened during the Ides of March, is the assassination of Pontifex Maximus Julius Cesar.

  • In 1360 a French raiding party begins a 48-hour spree of rape, pillage and murder in southern England.
  • In 1493 ,Christopher Columbus returns to Spain after his first voyage to the “New World” (which was not new as it was already inhabited and established).
  • In 1875 Pope Pius IX appointed John McCloskey as the first American cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • In the Nazi’s wiped out Czechoslovakia while creating their New World Order.
  • In 1968 the Hotel New World in Singapore collapsed, killing….33.

Some significant burning events not necessarily on the Ides of March include New York City, in 1776 and again in 1835; Amsterdam burned to the ground twice in 1421 and again in 1452. Moscow was burned four times between 1547 and 1812. Copenhagen was burned to the ground in 1728 and again 67 years later and New Orleans burned in 1788 and 1794.

Getting back to the false flag at hand, firefighters stood and watched as Notre-Dame burned. Because it was already under renovation, most of the roof was metal scaffolding, but it sure made for some good photo ops.

As the retired chief architect says the ‘accident’ story is impossible, fire protection was state of the art, and 800-year-old wood is petrified, like rock, couldn’t have burned like that without added accelerant fuel, stating:

“We installed a new detection system in 2010, and completely rewired the cathedral, so the fire wasn’t caused by an electrical short-circuit.”

notre dame false flag

Just like steel doesn’t melt from jet fuel, and nuclear bombs don’t explode, so petrified wood does not burn. Common sense. We can also see the same YELLOW Thermite combustion smoke at Notre-Dame, tying in the yellow color of this event. Yellow, of course, being the color of enlightenment. Spiritual Destruction.

There is also a new crisis actor in our midst. False Flag Father Jean-Marc Fournier is a German priest and chaplain of the Paris Fire Brigade, who was also present during the Bataclan massacre of November, 2015 where 89 people were shot and blown to pieces. He was there to “give collective absolution”, as if anyone can give that. Proclaimed a “fearless hero”, Fournier was standing by, waiting to run into flaming Notre-Dame to “save” certain relics. Though he started his priestly career in his 50’s, before then he was an Armed Forces diocese. His story is the typical hero script. He survived ambushes in Afghanistan and more, when no one else did. That is a true hero.

So where is our Israel influence? General Jean-Claude Gallet is Commander of the Paris Fire Brigade and former NATO operative. He holds a “management disaster” internship at Israel’s Home Front Command.  Gallet was partner with Philippe Boutinaud, another French firefighter and NATO military operative who oversaw the multi-site event in 2015.  Gallet was honored by Macron for his services during the fire.

Russia ceased NATO cooperation because Notre-Dame was burning. Putin, though just another puppet player, can be appreciated and respected since he has a humanitarian script. This is also why America hates him: he is not consumed by greed and blood-lust.  On 15 April 2019, a report warning that over the past three weeks, the United States suddenly unleashed all of its available nuclear armed aircraft carrier battle strike groups, effectively cutting off all military-to-military contact with the Russia Federation. As always the war-hungry USA is poking the bear. Within two hours of Notre Dame reported to be in flames, USA government’s Google then had YouTube immediately label all videos of this fire as being a “9/11 conspiracy.

Controlled Opposition puppet Robert Steele agrees there is no coincidence in the Notre-Dame false flag attack and the recent Julian Assange false flag arrest. Double Agent Assange was suddenly arrested, signifying the further death of freedom of speech (especially if you’re white). He is now being shipped to the USA, which was “somehow” unable to touch him until this moment, when Trump will gain much more support by giving Assange a pardon. Rothschild pet Assange will continue ‘leaking’ what he is told to leak, and the public will think censorship doesn’t exist. Meanwhile all of us others, not on government payrolls, who do real work, are arrested and thrown away for life.  It’s always easy to see who the elites control, they are alive and in the spotlight.

notre dame false flag dew attack

Belgian Intelligence Agent Marc Delantre, a Gladio Operative, discusses False Flag Events carried out by Gladio including the ChristChurch (Muslim mosque) false flag in New Zealand, and DEW-caused burning of petrified Notre-Dame:

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Notre Dame is home to several artifacts from the crucifixion of Christ, including pieces of the cross, nails which were used, and the Crown of Thorns, the latter of which has been saved.  This is a rather important False Flag since the cathedral is now publicly acknowledged as a christian symbol, engulfing it in flames is quite a strong message.

One must understand the main agenda of the elite is the reason they must have NWO, what every single other agenda feeds into.

They must claim themselves as god, therefore they must take the place of god, to be anti Christ. So this symbolizes the Death of God. Death of Christianity.  They symbolically burned God to the ground. This event must have been most thrilling to the elite.

Remember in todays indoctrinated minds, white is synonymous with christian, as the meanings of terms and even the understanding of religion and ethnicity have been so skewed.

Christian, meaning Catholic, not biblical or true or valid Christianity… Just like being of middle eastern descent automatically labels one a Muslim and how today a Jew does not signify the bloodline, but umbrella’s over all of the various bloodlines and jewish religions. So it is with Christianity, has been falsely equated to Catholicism by popular weak-mindedness and is a genetic disposition automatically granted to…people born with white skin…

It’s hard to believe that that sentence actually has to be typed out, that people don’t see how obvious and nauseating the lack of common sense is today. Thank you elite mind kontrol. DO you not see how absurd and mind-numbing this all is? The meanings of words have been twisted and changed for a long time, and humanities ignorance is only thickening. Unless you are willing to research every word, every thought, every idea, personal opinion, and every thing you think you know, you will remain blind, deaf and incredibly dumb. Anything worth while takes effort. Research takes time and thought. Research means not settling for the first article that feeds your own ego and prideful indoctrination, making you feel better, rather than forcing you to learn and challenging your core. Research, like truth, requires constant change, constant open mindedness, and what we used to call critical thinking and logic…this is a long lost art.

Do it right or don’t do it at all.

You either accept the whole truth, as it is, once you have uncovered it, or you choose to live a lie.

There is either fact, or there is elite perpetrated lies.

The rising persecution of Christians is, naturally, strictly kept from you. You are distracted by propaganda about Muslims and Gays while the minority, which has always been a minority, and persecuted for it, is being wiped out, silently. Regarding the countries that are most openly violently opposed to Christianity, where murder of Christians is carried out by the government and military, China has risen from the 43th to the 27th. 1 in 3 Asian Christians is persecuted. 1 in 6 African Christians now experience high levels of persecution. Persecution has risen to such an extreme level, as if we were already living in ancient Rome again, the NWO, that 1 in 9 Christians are persecuted world wide. There has been a 57% increase of persecution in India. In Nigeria 3,700 Christians were killed for their faith, double the amount reported last year. they are being slaughtered every single day. The Persecution of Christians in America started decades ago, as well as in Europe. An estimated 245 million Christians in only 50 countries, as of January’s report for 2019, experience high levels of persecution compared to 215 million last year. Of the 150 countries monitored by Open Doors, 73 now exhibit high to extreme levels of persecution.

The world is happy to murder truth, regardless of ethnicity, regardless of “religion” or culture or language. None of those things have any meaning or value. What has meaning is truth. What has value is life.

You can kill the messenger, but truth can not be destroyed.

No matter what you or the elite do to try to silence it, even if the last so-called Christian is murdered by them, it would make no difference. Truth is not from we insignificant and imperfect humans, it is from something more. It is absolute. It is immortal…and we with it.

This False Flag was effective in programming for One religion AKA death of Christianity (the only religion that can not fit or conform to fit under the One Religion umbrella). They must destroy what is established to present you with their twisted solution.

Remember, the elite work, and have always worked, to bring about the total rule of their master. The elite believe Lucifer is Christ, (light is dark, negative is positive, male is female) that Luci is god and that by warping humanity into worshiping him and his fellow fallen too, the frequency changes produced by this, among other things, will enable him, and the others, to rule the new world order in physical form, rather than as he has always done: behind the scenes.

Everything that is not a natural process is unnatural, alien, destructive to humans. The frequency of a natural human is positive. That is why the elite must pervert it. The ones they follow are negative, as are the elites. They CHOSE negativity. Humans are naturally positive. We can not be both, one will always be stronger and prevail over the other, depending on which one we CHOOSE. We must choose ONE, truth or lies, negative or positive, darkness or light.

DO NOT fall for the bullshit that there can not have one without the other, this is such a blatant and obvious ridiculous lie it is laughable that anyone can stand to state such nonsense, let alone actually believe it.

If you actually use your mind, you will not be fooled.

This is the “new” World Religion: Oneness, complacency, tolerance, all of which create a total annihilation of all that is human, the hive mind, enlightenment.

This is the purpose of technology, to corrupt and destroy your being, body and mind, and especially soul. The soul is their target, always has been. You can accept it or continue to be asleep. If you don’t understand that fact then it doesn’t matter how awake you think you are, you have missed the train and are lost in a cloud of dust.

The frequency technologies have forced on us, damages us on every level from our mental functions, moral values, cultural and social constructs and relationships, all the way down to ripping apart and melting our DNA. This can be seen in every agenda the elite have carried out. All weapons. Shouldn’t have to be explained why and how weapons are unnatural as they destroy life, which is anti-human and repulsive. Destruction on every level. That is what the elite do. Still so many of you claim to be awake and you may see something, you might be able to understand the elite are bad guys, but you still continue to completely miss the obvious POINT!!! Instead you fall for the next false flag, or the next smart product, the next upgrade for your convenience AKA laziness, sloth. Destruction.

Are you getting it yet?

We have discussed frequencies ad nauseum in previous videos and articles, as well as the elite’s agendas which are guided by their beliefs, in an attempt to get you to truly wake up. Sadly most subscribers we have talked to love to boast of how awake they are and they love to spit out all of these dates and people and facts…but their pride makes it impossible for them to see the main point. therefore all of their knowledge is a waste.  They are enslaved by the elites programming and because they have not broken completely free of it by accepting truth, they will continue rejecting the obvious truth because of their pride.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Stop sitting idly by, allowing everything around you to be destroyed.

Stop being “good men”, and start being HUMAN.

We don’t expect it, but it would be nice.


Deception of the Last Days:

Upcoming dates and info that the Notre-Dame False Flag was a precursor to. As well as things you should know regarding CERN and the coming One Religion in the Video below:

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