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Pedo Files: Argentina

Greetings World,

Today we continue digging into the work Natacha Jaitt died exposing to you. Though we mentioned this in Natacha Jaitt’s article here, there is still much work to be done, so let’s jump right in!

An estimated 152 million children around the world are forced to work due to poverty.  In Argentina many children live in poverty. It is popular for those children to be sent to clubs (in this case football clubs and tv shows) with the hope that they will become famous. These children are then given promises by men or children who pretend to be their friends (baiters), to bring them into groups and organizations or charities used to traffic. They are in the total care of the organizers (handlers), who arrange the sex trafficking by telling the child if they come to a party, or if they come meet these people (customers), they will be paid, given gifts, etc. Since these children are considered disposable property they are raped and worse. Because those in power and popular positions are unable to be touched by law in Argentina (like most other countries), these children are taken advantage of without remorse by an endless river of Pedophiles.


Remember, it is extremely uncommon for children to speak out about these things, for a great many reasons, mainly because ADULTS are supposed to be the ones PROTECTING them, and when one is betrayed to such an extreme extent by those they would go to for help, they stay silent. Others who do speak up are ignored or silenced, because adults today think so little of children. Because adults lie constantly, children are assumed to as well. Yet another lie adults tell themselves to forfeit the responsibilities of life. It is amazing that so many children have come forward, but this only gives us a small peek at the darkness that is Argentina.

We have discussed before many times how the mafia works: aka the elite, governments, religions, schools, camps, and all other forms of their organized crime. We have previously exposed that whatever the club or company, whether it is cement or CPS or boarding school, they can and many are used for the elites main business: child trafficking. This is the business the elites live off of, the rest is a consequence. Because the elite must have your children, they must have many ways of getting them, keeping them, safely and secretly. So schools and camps are made, children are flooded in by parents who rather give their duty to others than be parents themselves. Backgrounds are checked, thanks to application processes, and children are conditioned, baited, taken and used (sometimes they are given back and kept for future use) or sold (if the situation is selling). Children are the product the elite will always want. In order to take your children from yo openly they create “protective services” and “police” to do it by force, and keep everything about it silent. The put a plastic star on a guy and say he is here to show you what justice and law are, and you believe them and allow them to control you and steal your children and rip them apart. To keep the police grunts in line with the agenda, they are watched by the ever continuing hierarchy the elites have formed: government, then military, then secret ops etc. etc. etc. Until children are treated as they should be: as the future of humanity, our hope, our dream, ourselves., they will never be safe. Until adults grow up for a change and start treating their futures, and dreams and hopes, their children, with the respect and protection and love they deserve, it will continue to be all of our faults. Every adult is responsible for this unforgivable infection. The only way to have justice is to destroy the ones who betray it. The only way to have peace is to annihilate all of those who try to take it away, and once we have it, to finally protect it. Peace does not come by giving up or giving in, as the elite have trained you. That is why their peace is always false. Their peace only comes from you being in a hive-mind with them. Real peace must be fought for, fiercely and unrelentingly. To have peace, we must be fearless.

So let us break down this ring. Keeping in mind this is only a fraction of the ring, as Natacha Jaitt’s testimony and evidences given to the court were sealed, and as she was murdered they will most likely be “forgotten”. This is the fragment of one of Pope Francis’ Pedophile rings:

pope argentina trafficking

Gustavo Vera and his La Alameda Foundation (The main ring leaders-Popes Right hand man whom we discussed in teh previous article and will not repeat in this one.)

  • Enrique Pinti (a famous comedian, close friend of Gustavo and customer)
  • Carlos Pérez (possible ring leader-Jaitt followed both Perez and Vera for a year)

Grunts of Gustavo Vera:

  • Matías Farías (killed Lucis Perez)
  • Juan Pablo Offidani (killed Lucis Perez)
  • Alejandro Maciel (killed Lucis Perez)
  • Pablo Yotich (drugged and raped Natacha Jaitt)
  • Maximiliano Giusto (drugged and raped Natacha Jaitt)
  • Luana Micaela Monsalvo (also at Jaitt’s murder, high-end escort-Gustavos girl)

Media Personalities:


Some Companies Involved:

big brother argentina pedo

Big Brother

  • Juan Cruz (panelist)
  • Liliana Parodi (involved directly with Gustavo Vera, who gets kids for Big Brother upon her request.)
  • Vera and Brian Lanzelotta (Big Brother Contestant-customer)

futebol pedos argentina

Club Atlético Independiente and River Plate (Former youth players reported a child prostitution ring, and others, went to Natacha Jaitt for help which is how she got started in exposing this ring.)

  • An estimated 152 million children around the world are forced to work due to poverty. (Baits children and pays them to have sexual relations with adults)
  • Alejandro Carlos Dal Cin player representative (arrested for raping a child)
  • Juan Manuel Díaz Vallone tournament organizer (mostly operates in the southern region of the Buenos Aires, but has a long reach.)
  • Diego Latorre Football player and journalist (Natacha Jaitt was momentarily intimate with-most likely to get info as she knew he was involved) Media is forbidden to discuss Latorre.
  • Leo Cohen Arazi Public relations manager and owns a bar used for transactions. (gay and HIV positive, his butt-buddy is Delgado. Middleman for baiting children into sex with adults)
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Children often live in closed circuit in the club, far from their relatives, in the hope that professional football will be the break they need to save them from poverty. One youth player exposed that he had been abused, that he had had sex with men in exchange for money and that players were recruited to the prostitution ring by another club member. He exposed that he knew of 19 other students who were victims of this pedophile ring.

“There is another witness whose testimony is under analysis. At present, it has 20 proven facts and 23 to check. Abused players amount to ten, of which half remain in Independiente.”

There were 19 players investigated about abuse, among them, the first mentioned soccer players. The ramifications reach other institutions: there are reported cases in All Boys (five), Lanús (3), Boca Juniors (1) and Barracas Central (1). Contacts with minors were made through social networks including Whatsapp, which Jaitt also used to track the ring. Even though these children didn’t have money for anything, they had a phone. One WhatsApp group where the contacts of the abusers, were associated under the name of “los topus”.

Red Infacia Robada / Stolen Childhood Network

Red Infancia Robada Email: red@infanciarobada.org (see here for more emails)

Social Media: Twitter, FB, LinkedIn

Network of Social Forums and contacts here.

Sister Marta Pelloni, has acused obstetrician Dante Binner, brother of the national deputy and former governor Hermes Binner, “to being part of the mafia group selling babies,” who kidnapped Liliana Montenegro’s twins. According to Montenegro at least ten times he went to a house of Dante Brinner, brother of the former governor, to perform the medical check-ups of a pregnancy and specified that, during that time.

“At the heart of the Vatican in the 16th century Casina Pio IV, home to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the Voices of Faith’s first edition on 8 March 2014 was held. Sister Marta Pelloni told the audience how they fight against domestic violence, the trafficking of women and children, and organized corruption.

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The Latin American antitrata meeting organized in Buenos Aires by the Santa Marta (GSM) group, brings together bishops, religious, laity, experts and police chiefs from around the world. It was created Jorge Bergoglio in 2014 for “Finding solutions to the serious criminal problem” which raises human trafficking.  Participants included: the bishop of San Juan, Jorge Lozano; Sisters Valmí Bohn (Brazil), Lidia Cruz (Guatemala), Conchi Burgos (Peru) and Rosita Milesi (Brazil); Néstor Roncaglia, Chief of the Argentine Federal Police; Alicia Peresutti, from the NGO Vínculos en Red, and Martha Pelloni, from Red Infacia Robada.”

“The owner of Red Infacia Robada, Sister Marta Pelloni and Gustavo Vera of the La Alameda Foundation, arrived in Río Gallegos to seek the adhesion of institutions to the National Anti-Mafia Network. They met with the former federal judge of Río Gallegos, Ana Cecilia Alvarez, While still a Buenos Aires archbishop, Pope Francis participated in the organization of the anti-Mafia congress and provided names for the inter-religious table. From this experience emerged the National Anti-Mafia Network. The National Anti-Mafia Network is claimed to fight in common against the mafias of trafficking, labor slave, drug trafficking, corruption and money laundering. ”

Red Solidaria /The Solidarity Network

  • Juan Carr owns Red Solidaria and is a friend of Pope Francis, having grown up and worked with the Catholic Church his entire life. The Red Solidaria movement has 800 volunteers and 38 offices up and down the country. His education is in veterinary services. When he was 33, Red Solidaria was created with 3 friends and his wife.

Red Solidaria Email: hola@redsolidaria.org.ar

Social Media: LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, Instagram

Pope Francis, was a major supporter both of devout Catholic, Juan Carr, and of the concern for the poor he espouses with Red Solidaria. In 2011 Juan Carr also created Mundo Invisible with 3 friends. Carr was nominated by UNESCO for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012. He was elected Social Innovator in 1997 by the Ashoka Entrepreneurs Association of Washington, USA. In 2014 he was declared an Illustrious Citizen of the city of Buenos Aires, capital of the Argentine Republic.

What is Ashoka? Beginning in India in 1981, Ashoka started identifying and supporting the world’s leading social entrepreneurs (posterboys…the elite always need a decent public face to hide behind. who have ideas for far-reaching social change. Ashoka became official in 1987, inspired by the Sanskrit word Ashoka that means the “active absence of sorrow,” and by the Indian Emperor Ashoka, one of the world’s earliest great social entrepreneurs. After unifying India in the 3rd Century BC, Emperor Ashoka renounced violence and became one of history’s most tolerant, global-minded, and creative leaders, pioneering innovations in economic development and social welfare.

carr argentina pedo ringJuan Carr in a conversation about his friend, Pope Francis aka Jorge Bergoglio: “Bergoglio has been the one who brought these two dimensions of the faith together – the spiritual and the social. I’m from the diocese of San Isidro, not Buenos Aires, but even from a distance I knew that Bergoglio was important, not just for his social commitment but also in the political arena. The most important for me was when I was invited to present the biography of Bergoglio, titled El Jesuita, here in Buenos Aires. That night, I said that I was honored to present Jorge Bergoglio to the audience, someone I believe will one day be a saint. The next day, Bergoglio called me to thank me for what I said about him. I told him I’d like to trade in the speech to get him to help me achieve zero hunger in Latin America, because that’s really my obsession. He agreed immediately: “Of course,” he said. A couple of months later he becomes the pope! My main goal now is to “Bergoglioize” Latin America! We need to turn the message of this Jesuit, his ideas and his work, into a broad Latin American message.”

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And now we have come to the man of the hour, the leader of this ring, Jorge Bergoglio himself.

Pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio) we all know is a raging pedophile and has worked tirelessly to bring pedophilia into the mainstream, where it is today. He has protected pedophiles across the world, stating clearly to the world that these “untouchable” pedophile priests, are doing their masters work.

  • “Father” Grassi now works at Don Basco School in Solis and Moreno, after being relocated there once he was found out to be a violent pedophile.
  • Argentinian Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta found to have inappropriate behavior with seminarians and had homosexual, pedophilic, pornography on his cellphone, yet he was allowed to stay on as bishop of the northern Argentine diocese of Oran on until 2017, when he resigned suddenly, only to be given a top job at the Vatican by Francis, his confessor.
  • Corradi, leader of the pedophile infested Antonio Provolo Institute for the Deaf, where dozens of pedophiles had full access to dozens more children in their care. Even with the mountain of evidence, nothing was done.

More Here and here and here and here.


We continue our work to expose the elite, and especially their trafficking rings, we hope this and all other works we do, will help you to further expose and destroy these people. Without action, nothing matters. We place the information before you. Will you continue to sit silent? When will humans wake up? When will humans begin to act like humans?

We expect it not.

Prove us wrong.

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